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  • Updated: February 14, 2012
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1: An instructor has just finished the lesson on a topic that is essential to understanding the next topic of the course. Most of the learners are looking at the instructor with blank expressions. When the instructor asks questions to see if the learners understand the concept, most learners look away. Which of the following is the BEST next step for the instructor to take, given the learners' reactions?
A.Hand out a set of written questions designed to evaluate individual comprehension of the concept.
B.Give the learners a short study break to review any notes they might have taken during the presentation.
C.Continue with the next phase of the lesson and refer back periodically to the concept.
D.Review the main points of the concept and use examples that aid in stimulating discussion.
Correct Answers: D

2: The trainer's goal is to get the most participation from learners regarding choices that must be made about the next step in training. The trainer realizes that there are several different ways to solve a particular problem and wants learners to agree on the best method. Which of the following methods is MOST appropriate for accomplishing this goal?
C.Hands-on activities
D.Independent reading
Correct Answers: B

3: On the second day of a five-day class, it becomes apparent that the trainer will finish the materials by the middle of the fourth day.  The client requires the students to attend a full five days of training on the topic.  In order to meet the client's requirement, the trainer should:
A.extend the lunch break by 30 minutes each day and add an additional afternoon break to stretch the time out the client after class on the second day to inform them of the status and get approval for ending the class early
C.prepare additional materials after the second day and submit them to the client for approval in order to meet the five-days-of-training requirement
D.inform the class of the estimated early finish and ask them for suggestions on how to fill in the remaining day and a half of training time
Correct Answers: C

4: Which of the following techniques is MOST likely to optimize group participation?
A.Calling on learners and asking each a question
B.Handing out sets of written questions
C.Asking a question of the group in general and waiting for a response
D.Making a statement and then asking whether the learners have any questions
Correct Answers: C

5: For this question, decide whether the action makes it likely or unlikely that the trainer will achieve the goal.  Select the BEST statement of the reason that the action is likely or unlikely to accomplish the goal.
     GOAL:To respond in a manner helpful to the rest of the class to a learner who asks relevant questions but asks them frequently.
     ACTION:Restate the question, if necessary, to clarify it and then direct the question to the class.
A.LIKELY, because the strategy will engage the other learners in answering the questions and will aid their understanding
B.LIKELY, because the class will exert pressure on the learner to stop interrupting the lesson
C.UNLIKELY, because the instructor will be perceived as not knowing the answer
D.UNLIKELY, because adult learners prefer to be given direct responses
Correct Answers: A

6: A trainer is teaching a course in which it appears that the learners differ greatly in what they expect from the course.  Which of the following actions should the trainer take to ensure that instruction is effective for this class?
A.Deliver course material exactly as the trainer's manual specifies.
B.Poll the learners regarding what should be included and eliminated.
C.Have the learners with the highest expectations about the course modify their expectations to fit those of the group.
D.Adjust the course materials and agenda to meet the needs of the learners.
Correct Answers: D

7: Learners complained on evaluation questionnaires that the instructor did not always possess sufficient expertise about course material.  Which of the following audiences is MOST likely to need this information?
A.The company that pays to have its employees trained
B.The person who schedules trainers
C.The instructional designer
D.The other instructors who teach the same course
Correct Answers: B

8: A trainer, who has completed a training class, determines that the materials were inadequate for students to meet the learning objectives.  The training materials were created by the training center using technical journals and other vendor manuals.  Which of the following actions should the trainer take?
A.Ask to meet with the curriculum developers to see if they want help developing materials for the next class.
B.Ask the training center to send supplementary materials to the students in the class.
C.Report the inadequacy and ask the training center staff to contact the curriculum developer to make corrections.
D.Provide the curriculum developer with a specific list of corrections and changes to use for the next course.
Correct Answers: D

9: An experienced instructor has just completed an instructional assignment that the instructor judges to have been unsuccessful.  The instructor believes that the difficulty experienced was due in part to the scheduling of the course, which conflicted with the work schedules of many of the learners.  Which of the following is the MOST appropriate thing for the instructor to do in this situation?
A.Inform the learners' supervisors that the planning for the course was inadequate.
B.Downplay the significance of learner comments since the course was not successful.
C.Report observations along with comments from the learners to the training manager.
D.Try to obtain the learners' work schedules to support the instructor's judgment about the cause of the problem.
Correct Answers: C

10: To minimize bias in assessing learner attainment of course objectives, a trainer must do which of the following?
A.Measure each learner's progress from the individual's starting point.
B.Measure each learner from a choice of standards based on individual learning styles.
C.Measure all learners against the same pre-established standard.
D.Measure all learners by using evaluation techniques that are unobtrusive.
Correct Answers: C

11: An instructor has just finished a lecture in the first class of a course that the instructor is teaching for the first time.  The learners were willing to learn, but seemed to have short attention spans.  They appeared to lose focus near the end of the class.  The instructor believes this problem must be addressed as soon as possible.  In this situation, which of the following is the MOST appropriate action for the instructor to take next?
A.Ask the learners whether or not they were all able to hear the lecture.
B.Plan to establish more frequent and direct eye contact with each learner.
C.Plan to ask a series of questions at the end of the next lecture.
D.Assess whether or not the instructor used the best method for presenting the course content to the learners.
Correct Answers: D

12: Two hours before the end of a one-day training course, the instructor is notified that a noisy emergency repair is commencing near the training room.  This repair will take at least one hour to complete.  If all of the following actions are possible, which is the BEST action for an instructor to take in this situation?
A.Obtain a clip-on microphone for speaking over the distracting noise.
B.Move the class to an available room away from the noise until the repair is completed.
C.Continue the training until the noise becomes too distracting and then dismiss the class.
D.Change the agenda and conduct an informal discussion about the content learned in the course.
Correct Answers: B

13: A trainer has just finished the lesson covering a complex concept that is essential to understanding the next topic of the course.  Most of the learners are looking at the instructor with glazed expressions.  When the instructor asks questions designed to determine whether the class understands the concept, most learners avert their eyes. The learners' reactions MOST probably indicate which of the following?
A.They find the content irrelevant to them.
B.They lack understanding of the concept.
C.They have not found the presentation highly motivating.
D.They have spent too much time on the concept.
Correct Answers: B

14: An instructor is introducing a new concept to a class in the form of a lecture.  In the last 10 minutes of the lecture, the instructor notices that learners are looking out the window and shuffling papers.  Which of the following describes a principle of effective instruction that the instructor MOST likely overlooked in this situation?
A.Organized presentations are essential for holding learner interest.
B.Learners learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process.
C.New concepts are difficult to introduce in a limited time frame.
D.Distractions should be minimized to maximize learning.
Correct Answers: B

15: Learners are being trained to work on a new system that will be introduced to their company in two weeks.  The learners are initially frustrated by the new system.  The trainer maintains a supportive attitude and assures them that they are doing very well.  The class learns how to use the system. Which of the following BEST describes the instructional technique used by the trainer in this situation?
A.Effective use of presentation skills
B.Effective positive reinforcement
C.Effective use of media
D.Effective use of evaluation techniques
Correct Answers: B

16: An instructor asks a difficult review question and realizes that it is beyond the knowledge level of the group.  The next step the instructor should take is to:
A.break the question into parts to allow learners to answer it
B.answer the question and move on
C.apologize for asking such a difficult question
D.reteach the material on which the question is based
Correct Answers: A

17: For this question, decide whether the action makes it likely or unlikely that the trainer will achieve the goal.  Select the BEST statement of the reason that the action is likely or unlikely to accomplish the goal.
   GOAL:To assist a small number of learners in a training session who are having difficulty understanding the course text
   ACTION:The trainer significantly reduces the pace of instruction and regularly calls on the learners who are having difficulty in order to determine whether they understand.
A.LIKELY, because the learners who are having difficulty will pay more attention in the course
B.LIKELY, because the other learners will feel more comfortable with the slowed pace
C.UNLIKELY, because the other learners in the course will want the opportunity to answer more questions
D.UNLIKELY, because the learners who are having difficulty will feel uncomfortable with the increased attention
Correct Answers: D

18: A trainer plans to use handouts to support a presentation.  Which of the following would be the LEAST disruptive method of distributing the handouts?
A.Placing the handouts in a convenient location in the room and handing them out as needed during the presentation
B.Allowing learners to pick up the handouts at selected points during the presentation
C.Distributing the handouts along with other course materials before beginning the presentation
D.Referring to the handouts during the presentation and allowing learners to select the ones they want after the presentation is completed
Correct Answers: C

19: An instructor's effectiveness in knowledge transfer should be measured by:
A.the learners' achievement of objectives
B.learner satisfaction with the course
C.presentations that are truly memorable
D.the depth and breadth of the course
Correct Answers: A

20: An instructor is planning to break a class of 25 learners into small groups for discussion.  Each group will be led by a group leader who has expertise in the subject matter.  The function of the group leader is to respond to problems and keep the discussions on topic. Many of the nonleaders have more seniority than the leaders.  Which of the following should the instructor consider before implementing this plan?
A.Whether the leaders have sufficient confidence to facilitate the discussion without feeling intimidated or being overbearing
B.Whether the senior group members and the discussion leaders work in close proximity to one another in the company
C.Whether the members with more seniority would prefer to be in discussion groups with one another
D.Whether the discussion leaders perform a similar role on a regular basis in their work areas or have other experience as leaders
Correct Answers: A

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