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Identify two options from below that reflect two valid hybrid cloud infrastructures. (Choose two)

A. On premises infrastructures and public cloud
B. Private and public cloud
C. Multiple public clouds
D. On premises infrastructures and private cloud

Answer: AB

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You’ve deployed AIP and need to choose the appropriate AIP client.
You have the following requirements, which AIP client will you choose?
– Your organization requires a HYOK deployment
– Your organization requires that you install the client on Windows and MacOS Label with file explorer.

A. Classic
B. Unified
C. Office

Answer: A

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You plan to move services from your on-premises network to Azure.
You identify several virtual machines that you believe can be hosted in Azure. The virtual machines are shown in the following table.

Which two virtual machines can you access by using Azure migrate? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Sea-CA01
B. Hou-NW01
D. Sea-DC01

Answer: CE
Azure Migrate provides a centralized hub to assess and migrate to Azure on-premises servers, infrastructure, applications, and data. It provides the following:
– Unified migration platform: A single portal to start, run, and track your migration to Azure.
– Range of tools: A range of tools for assessment and migration. Azure Migrate tools include Azure Migrate: Discovery and assessment and Azure Migrate: Server Migration. Azure Migrate also integrates with other Azure services and tools, and with independent software vendor (ISV) offerings.
– Assessment and migration: In the Azure Migrate hub, you can assess and migrate:
Servers, databases, and web apps: Assess on-premises servers including web apps and SQL Server instances and migrate them to Azure virtual machines or Azure VMware Solution (AVS) (Preview).
Databases: Assess on-premises databases and migrate them to Azure SQL Database or to SQL Managed Instance.
Web applications: Assess on-premises web applications and migrate them to Azure App Service.
Virtual desktops: Assess your on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and migrate it to Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.
Data: Migrate large amounts of data to Azure quickly and cost-effectively using Azure Data Box products.
Based on this information let’s analyze each option:
NYC-FS01 : Its role “Server” fall under above categories. Hence it can be accessed by using Azure migrate.
BOS-DB01 : Its role “server” fall under above categories. Hence it can be accessed by using Azure migrate.
Sea-CA01 : Its role “CA” does not fall under above categories. Hence it can not be accessed by using Azure migrate.
Hou-NW01 : Its role “DNS” does not fall under above categories. Hence it can not be accessed by using Azure migrate.
Sea-DC01 : Its role “DC” does not fall under above categories. Hence it can not be accessed by using Azure migrate.

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You have a Microsoft Teams Phone deployment.
You have a PBX that connects to the PSTN by using an E1/T1 Primary Rate interface (PRI).
You plan to migrate to Direct Routing by using the existing PSTN services.
What should you install upstream of the PBX?

A. a physical Session Border Controller (SBC)
B. an FXO SIP Analog Telephony Adapter (ATA)
C. a virtual Session Border Controller (SBC)
D. a Session Border Controller (SBC) in Azure

Answer: A
Local PBX might have the ISDN connectivity hosted, in this case no need to be a physical SBC, so a virtual SBC = Azure SBC can be SIP trunked in between Teams Tenant and PBX.

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You create a service-level agreement (SLA). For which two of the following key performance indicators (KPIs) can you create actions? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Escalate By
B. Resolve By
C. First Response By
D. Close By

Answer: BC

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Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution. Determine whether the solution meets the stated goals. Some question sets might have more than one correct solution, while others might not have a correct solution.
After you answer a question in this section, you will NOT be able to return to it. As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen.
You are developing a form for Dynamics 365 Finance.
You need to add a button that allows users to run a report.
Solution: Create a command button and link the button to the report by using the button’s object property.
Does the solution meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: B
You would need to use the on-click property of the command button.

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You use Azure Pipelines to manage project builds and deployments.
You plan to use Azure Pipelines for Microsoft Teams to notify the legal team when a new build is ready for release.
You need to configure the Organization Settings in Azure DevOps to support Azure Pipelines for Microsoft Teams.
What should you turn on?

A. Third-party application access via OAuth
B. Azure Active Directory Conditional Access Policy Validation
C. Alternate authentication credentials
D. SSH authentication

Answer: A
The Azure Pipelines app uses the OAuth authentication protocol, and requires Third-party application access via OAuth for the organization to be enabled.
To enable this setting, navigate to Organization Settings > Security > Policies, and set the Third-party application access via OAuth for the organization setting to On.

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You work for an organization that has above 100 Windows Server 2016 virtual machines (VMs). Those VMs are running in the Azure West Europe region. Azure Automation runbook is used by the machines to automatically start and stop. Azure Update Management is used to manage updates. You get to know about a Microsoft security vulnerability which is affecting the Windows Server 2016 operating system (OS). When a hotfix is installed, the vulnerability gets fixed. You need to create a report of the systems that do not have the hotfix installed. What would be your step of action to generate the report?

A. Use WMI to connect remotely to each machine and search for the hotfix.
Export the results to a CSV file.
B. Use the Get-Hotfix command to connect remotely to each machine and search for the hotfix.
Export the results to a CSV file.
C. Use the Get-Childltem command to connect remotely to each machine and search for the hotfix.
Export the results to a CSV file.
D. Use Update Management from the automation account.
Select the hotfix from the missing updates list.
Export the results to a CSV file.

Answer: D

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Case Study 5 – Alpine Ski
Alpine Ski House sells a variety of ski and outdoor equipment, including apparel and digital content to retailers and wholesalers located in the United States. The central distribution center, accounting and customer service center are located in the company’s headquarters building in the state of Colorado. The company also has an additional warehouse in the state of New York. The company is known for its customer-friendly policies.
Current environment
Alpine Ski House currently has an outdated accounting system that is not connected to the New York warehouse.
The warehouse system contains inventory quantities, but does not have costing, therefore the FIFO principles are applied through spreadsheet calculations at month end.
Alpine Ski House has worked to create a future state roadmap as a foundation for growth. They have decided to implement Dynamics 365 cloud applications and must limit the amount of on premises hardware as they are not staffed for support. They are expecting to implement required devices for warehouse applications to support WMS only.
The customer service center places phone orders on behalf of wholesalers and retailers.
The customer service team provides concierge services to the top 20 largest customers. Each customer service team member is assigned to 5 customers as the customer’s dedicated customer service representative.
The call center has a phone system that records calls and stores the call duration.
Data is a combination of systems that are disconnected to include warehouse and accounting. Customer records and consumer records are stored in the call center third-party system. Excel spreadsheets are used for consolidated reporting from these systems.
Alpine Ski House must enable business partners to place their own B2B orders on the web as well as manage their own users.
The company has decided to expand distribution to Banff, Alberta and create a new operating legal entity in Canada. This expansion must be planned for as part of the solution, as it will be up and running six months after the initial US company is operating on the new applications.
Applications and environment
Required applications must align to the future state roadmap.
Business partners must have the ability to onboard their own users for placing orders on the web.
The Canadian company must use the same base data as the US operating company and must be set up in the same instance.
Sales order history data must not be imported. All current and future orders must be migrated to the new system.
Master data for customers must be migrated from both the call center third-party system as well as the accounting system. You identify the following requirements:
– The mapping fields for customer records in both systems are the same, except the accounting system which has three additional fields that must be mapped.
– Duplicate records must not be imported.
Cutover plan
– User1 reports that sales orders will be open and not shipped at the time of cutover to production. There are 20 orders expected to be open.
Customer service
Concierge customer service reps must be able to access customer records for all customers in their customer group.
Customer service reps must be able organize how information is presented when they sign into the new system.
Security must be applied to the customer service reps as a group and must not be applied at the individual level.
Return policies
Sporting equipment is warranted by the manufacturer and must not be returned to Alpine Ski House warehouse. Alpine Ski House does not strictly enforce this policy. Exceptions to the policy are allowed with manager approval.
Customer service must track reported issues with sporting equipment to identify trends.
Customers can exchange apparel, but refunds must not be permitted. Any consumer exchanges must occur directly through Alpine’s call center and cannot be returned to a physical store.
Exchange policies
All consumer calls must be logged for tracking purposes. The customer service representative will determine if there is an exchange, or if the consumer should be redirected to the manufacturer. Digital content is final sale only. All complaints must still be tracked.
Returns and replacement orders must be processed through the warehouse. Consumer information for returns and replacement orders does not need to be stored.
A record of the location where the consumer purchased the product must be stored for tracking purpose.
The customer service reps must be able to view the order status for delayed shipments or orders that have been shipped but not invoiced. They need to have shortcuts to view this information.
Returns or credits for a concierge customer that are not from a consumer do not require notifications to the concierge representative.
Web orders must be limited to B2B, and consumers web access must not be required for order placement.
The call center must track the call minutes in the phone system by customer number.
The system must send the following notifications:
– Dedicated concierge representative must be automatically notified when an exchanged product has shipped. The concierge representative must set up the alert.
– External customers must be notified of the new consumer exchanges. The notification must integrate into the customer’s third party dashboard and must not be sent as an email notification.
Customer Service
The customer service center is overloaded with frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that are consuming resources and creating issues with customer service levels.
Alpine Ski House has decided to deploy an automated FAQ website because they do not have sufficient staff resources to manage customer interactions. All automated interactions must be stored for 30 days.
The company has decided to extend its concierge program to the top 25 customers. A new representative has been hired and requires the same screen layout as other team members.
When new customers are created in the system, the customer number must automatically pass to the call center phone system.
The implementation is expected to take 12 months. Alpine Ski House wants to ensure that when they go live, they are on the most current available update of Dynamics 365. Testing must occur in the various stages of the implementation. You identify the following testing requirements:
– Platform updates will be applied, and business processes will be verified to perform as expected, either manual or automated where possible against stored task recordings.
– Development must be completed by the 10th month. Developers must perform initial testing code that they create.
– When development is completed, all processes in the system must be tested by the user group.
Due to competing demands for the project team, the company wants to automate as much of the testing as possible.
The project manager is concerned that a critical field must have validation scripts run against it during automated testing. The developers will be required to write the custom validation scrip. The user creating the test script must document the step in the test script that the specific validation script must be run for the developers.
The project manager wants to put a control in place to ensure that once the automated testing is established the test scripts are not modified or overwritten.
You need to determine chain applications are required for the Alpine SKi House solution.
Which Dynamics 365 apps should you use?

A. Dynamic 365 Finance, Dynamic 365 Supply Chain Management, and Dynamics Project Operations
B. Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Dynamics 365 Commerce
C. Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 363 Supply Chan Management
D. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Commerce
E. Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Project Operations, and Dynamics 365 Commerce

Answer: B
Required applications must align to the future state roadmap.
* Dynamics 365 Finance
Includes budgeting, project management, financials, and accounting for large, international companies.
* Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
A supply chain solution developed to evolve the trade, manufacturing, and supply chain processes.
* Dynamics 365 Commerce
To cover Customer Service etc.

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Drag and Drop Question
You are using Microsoft Excel to complete budget planning for the next fiscal year.
Budget template data must be gathered in real time from Dynamics 365 Finance during the budget planning process.
You need to create a budget planning template by using Microsoft Excel.
Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.
Step 1: Enter data from the current year’s budget planning template.
Create a new template from existing data
Step 2: Add data connector fields.
Microsoft Excel can change and quickly analyze data. The Excel Data Connector app interacts with Excel workbooks and OData services that are created for publicly exposed data entities. The Excel Data Connector add-in enables Excel to become a seamless part of the user experience. The Excel Data Connector add-in is built by using the Office Web add-ins framework.
Step 3: Upload the template.
When you have your Excel template customized the way you want, you can upload it into Dynamics 365. Where you upload the template determines its availability.

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