650-251 LCSAUC Real Exam Questions

The 650-251 LCSAUC Cisco Lifecycle Services for Advanced Unified Communications exam is the exam associated with the Advanced Unified Communications Specialization. The Cisco Lifecycle Services for Advanced Unified Communications (LCSAUC) exam assesses the candidate’s knowledge and skills needed to support implementing an advanced Unified Communications solution on a network throughout each phase of the lifecycle. The exam assesses Cisco’s methodology to guide customers in performing all of the necessary steps to ensure a successful implementation of Unified Communications solutions.

1: Quality of service is analyzed at which service component within the Cisco Unified Communications plan phase?
A.Network Readiness Assessment
B.Application Readiness Assessment
C.Site Readiness Assessment
D.Operation Readiness Assessment
Correct Answers: A

2: Which optimize phase service component assesses the current state of the network management infrastructure of a customer to identity issues and opportunities that lead to recommendations for improving the ability to manage their Cisco Unified Communications system?
A.Deployment Assessment
B.Technology Assessment
C.Security Assessment
D.Operations Assessment
Correct Answers: D

3: Which statement most accurately describes the account planning service component in the prepare phase for Cisco Unified Communications?
A.It performs a detailed financial analysis, including current phone network costs, training, and return of investment.
B.It researches unique challenges and conducts competitive analysis to determine a vertical approach and strategy.
C.It identifies the key players, high-level solution requirements, timelines, and scope of the opportunity.
D.It provides the partner with information regarding customer acceptance of the new solution.
Correct Answers: B

4: Which phase includes conducting Cisco Unified Communications network traffic analysis and capacity planning in order to ensure high availability?
Correct Answers: D

5: Which two of the following activities are included in the Cisco Unified Communications staff development? Select two.
A.Collect Cisco Unified Communications Training Materials
B.Develop Job Role Training Requirement
C.Request for Training Budget
D.Develop Curriculum Map
E.Develop Informal Basic Training
Correct Answers: B D
6: Which Service component in Cisco Unified Communications operate phase identifies and solves reoccurring incidents by analyzing incident trends to identify patterns and systemic conditions?
A.Problem Management
B.Incident Management
C.Change Management
D.Systems Monitoring
Correct Answers: A

7: Which service component in the design phase describes developing a detailed, site-specific plan for implementing the new technology system or solution?
A.Implementation Plan Development
B.Detailed Design Development
C.Systems Acceptance Test Plan Development
D.Staging Plan Development
Correct Answers: A

8: The final documentation that records detailed implementation information for customers, including specific design requirements, are delivered at which server component within the Cisco Unified Communications implement phase?
A.Project Closeout
B.As-Built Documentation
C.Operations Setup
D.Post-Implementation Support Handoff Meeting
Correct Answers: B

9: Which service component in the plan phase evaluates the readiness of your current facilities infrastructure to support Cisco Unified Communications system development?
A.Network Readiness Assessment
B.Operation Readiness Assessment
C.Site Readiness Assessment
D.Application Readiness Assessment
Correct Answers: C

10: Which of the following three service requirements are included in the Cisco Unified Communications optimize phase? Select three.
A.Business Case Alignment
B.Security Assessment
C.Incident management
D.Operations Readiness Assessment
E.Technology Assessment
Correct Answers: A B E

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