650-195 SMBEN Real Exam Questions

The 650-195 SMBEN SMB Engineer exam is the exam associated with the Small Business Engineer job role. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Small Business Specialization track of courses. This exam addresses high level skills that are the foundation of being able to successfully deliver and operate Cisco solutions to small- and medium-sized customers (less than 250 network users). The Small Business Engineer is capable of fulfilling a customer’s routing, switching, security, unified communications, and wireless network needs.

1.Which Cisco Small Business portfolio product is targeted to customers with basic technology needs?
A.Cisco Small Business Series
B.Cisco Partner Development Funds
C.Cisco Catalyst Switches
D.Cisco Small Business Pro Series
E.Cisco Integrated Services Routers

2. Cisco Small Business Switches are specifically engineered for the small business customer. What
are two characteristics common to Cisco Small Business Switches? (Choose two.)
A.integrated telephony
B.experienced IT support required
C.remote management
D.single-site connectivity
E.do-it-yourself installation and management

3. Which three deployment scenarios does Cisco Configuration Assistant support? (Choose three.)
A.Cisco SR 500 in secure router mode, acting as a front end for Cisco Unified Communications
B.centralized Cisco Unified Communications Manager BE with Cisco Unified Communications 500
in SRST mode
C.redundant Cisco Unified Communications 500 with primary-to-backup failover
D.Cisco SR 500 teleworker with Cisco Unified Communications 500 as VPN server
E.multi-site VPN with Cisco Unified Communications 500 platforms
F.Cisco Unified Communications 500 to Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP trunk
Answer: DEF

4.All-in-one UTM security gateways are starting to displace routers in many small business networks.
What does UTMstand for?
A.Ultimate Threat Monitoring
B.Universal Threat Manager
C.United ThreatMonitor
D.Unified ThreatManagement

5. A computer is connected to the network through a NIC, which has a unique assignment that is called
the Ethernet MAC address. Which layer of the OSI model does the MAC address use to communicate
with the network?
D.data link

6. IP routing protocols, such as OSPF and Enhanced EIGRP, are used primarily in network designs that
contain entry and exit points to the network from service providers. What is a common trait of IP routing
A.They are usually necessary in smaller deployments.
B.They are used primarily in larger network designs, to support different networks and single
entry and exit points
C.They add needed overhead in smaller deployments.
D.They are essential for optimum and redundant forwarding.

7. What is the primary purpose of SMB Smart Designs?
A.provides a direct support path for any partner issue
B.assists in locating appropriate resources
C.provides validated commercial solutions
D.provides training on products, tools, and solutions
E.provides a step-by-step outline of implementation tasks required

8. Which two features are unique to SPA 525 phones compared to SPA 501, SPA 502, and SPA 508
phones? (Choose two.)
A.dynamic softkeys
B.MP3 music player
C.full-duplex speakerphone
E.monochrome backlit display

9 What are three features that are included with the purchase of a Cisco SA 520? (Choose three.)
A.VPN capabilities
B.ProtectLink Gateway
D.Cisco Small Business Pro Service
E.business-grade firewall
F.Cisco Intrusion Prevention System

10. Layer 3 (the network layer) provides connectivity and path selection between two host systems that
may be located on geographically separated networks. Which device operates at the network layer?

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