Citrix 1Y0-A13 Real Exam Questions

Implementing Citrix Access Gateway 9.0 Enterprise Edition

The Implementing Citrix Access Gateway 9.0 Enterprise Edition exam (A13) is divided into the following sections:

  • Planning the Networking and Deployment Architecture
  • Initial Configuration and Basic Operation
  • Configuring Advanced Options
  • Configuring Access Policies
  • Customizing the User Experience
  • Integrating with XenApp
  • Securing the Implementation

1: Scenario: A network administrator needs to configure access to published resources in a Citrix XenApp farm through Access Gateway. The administrator will implement Access Gateway as a replacement for the current Secure Gateway deployment, which does NOT have SmartAccess. Which three steps must the administrator take for this scenario? (Choose three.)
A.Set ICA Proxy to ON
B.Configure split tunneling
C.Set Single Sign-on Domain
D.Configure the Secure Ticket Authority server
E.Set the Access Gateway home page to the Web Interface URL
Correct Answers: A C D

2: A public research university needs to provide remote access to the students in its distance learning program. Which Access Gateway 9.0, Enterprise Edition plugin should the network administrator configure in order to ensure that students are able to connect to the environment regardless of the operating systems on their end devices?
A.Citrix XenApp plugin
B.Citrix Access Gateway Plugin for Java
C.Citrix Access Gateway Plugin for ActiveX
D.Citrix Access Gateway Plugin for Windows
Correct Answers: B

3: In a deployment where the internal servers are NOT accessible by the mapped IP address or through the default router, how many IP addresses are needed for the Access Gateway implementation?
Correct Answers: C

4: Which option in the Configuration Utility allows an administrator to limit the number of users who can log in to an Access Gateway 9.0, Enterprise Edition environment?
A.Select Access Gateway > Virtual Servers, Maximum Users
B.Select Systems > Virtual Servers > Policies, Maximum Users
C.Select Systems > Connections > Authentication settings, Maximum number of users
D.Select Access Gateway > Global > Authentication settings, Maximum number of users
Correct Answers: D

5: Scenario: A major technology company wants to upgrade their current Access Gateway deployment to ensure that it meets their growing remote access needs as they acquire new companies. Currently, the company is supporting nearly 3,000 concurrent users on their existing Access Gateway virtual server and expects the concurrent user sessions through Access Gateway to increase by 40% over the next year.Which Access Gateway appliance platform series handles the most concurrent user traffic?
Correct Answers: C

6: Scenario: An administrator is configuring Access Gateway 9.0, Enterprise Edition in an environment that consists of a double-hop DMZ deployment. The administrator wants connections from the Citrix XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps on the Internet to go through the first firewall in order to connect to the Access Gateway appliance in the first DMZ.Which port should the administrator enable on the first firewall?
Correct Answers: C

7: Scenario: A network administrator is planning the remote access infrastructure for an Access Gateway 9.0, Enterprise Edition environment. In this environment, employees, vendors and customers will need to use different methods of authentication. The administrator would like to ensure that each authentication is hosted on a separate server. Which authentication method must the administrator implement when configuring this environment?
Correct Answers: A

8: An administrator has been instructed to give a specific employee in the Finance group access to Engineering resources. To which level should the administrator assign the policy when configuring access for this employee?
E.Virtual server
Correct Answers: A

9: Which three kinds of IP addresses are required at a minimum when setting up an Access Gateway appliance in an environment? (Choose three.)
D.DNS Server
E.Default gateway
Correct Answers: B C E

10: Scenario: An administrator wants users to be able to access resources running on file servers and application servers in an environment. The administrator has deployed Access Gateway 9.0, Enterprise Edition. The Citrix Access Gateway Plugin for Windows is used to establish connections to the corporate network. There are no intranet applications configured in this environment and split tunneling is turned off. The default authorization policy is set to "Deny."
Users in this environment will be able to access applications on file and application servers as long as _______. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)
A.users are assigned specific intranet IP addresses authorization policy is configured to grant them access
C.internal resources are assigned specific intranet IP addresses
D.internal resources in this environment are configured as published applications
Correct Answers: B

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