IBM 000-968 Real Exam Questions

The IBM Certified Specialist – High-End Disk for Open Systems performs within the high-end disk products in an open systems environment (including Linux on System z but not other mainframe environments).  This specialist uses technologies and tools in open systems environments using IBM enterprise disk products and technologies.  The candidate should be able to articulate the advantages of IBM enterprise disk solutions, size, design, architect and configure a solution to meet requirements, implement and support solutions, and recommend options for advanced copy functions.

With assistance, the IBM High-End Disk for Open Systems candidate should be able to support solutions, develop migration plans, perform advanced copy functions such as Global Copy, FlashCopy, Remote Mirror, Global Mirror etc., and work comfortably in heterogeneous operating system environments (e.g., mainframe plus open systems)

Provide pre-sales technical support (10%)

  1. Educate the customer on IBM’s enterprise disk storage solutions
  2. Articulate technical aspects of the solution to gain acceptance of proposed solution

Gather customer requirements (15%)

  1. Identify customer’s business drivers and goals (pain points)
  2. Identify customer’s technology requirements
  3. Identify constraints in customer’s physical environment

Architect a storage solution that addresses the customer’s business and technical requirements (30%)

  1. Design the solution to comply with the customer’s existing site constraints
  2. Determine the minimum number and type of storage Fibre Channel ports necessary to support a client’s host connectivity requirements
  3. Architect a copy solution to optimize consistency across multiple storage systems into metro and global environments
  4. Determine the capacity required to support multiple platforms (e.g., Open Systems, System i, and mainframe workloads sharing a single system)
  5. Determine the optimum number and placement of Fibre Channel adapters
  6. Develop the migration plan that meets customer requirements regarding outage and effort
  7. Determine the appropriate OEL and Advanced Function licenses
  8. Develop a configuration to meet the desired performance of the storage subsystem
  9. Develop installation plan/schedule in conjunction with customer
  10. Architect a point-in-time backup solution

Implement the solution (32%)

  1. Conduct a Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) of an IBM enterprise disk subsystem
  2. Perform administrative console tasks
  3. Implement point-in-time copy design
  4. Implement remote copy services
  5. Activate the licenses
  6. Implement a solution to provide consistency across multiple storage systems using Metro/Global Mirror
  7. Configure the logical storage solution

Provide post-installation support (13%)

  1. Conduct post installation review to determine if proposed benefits were realized
  2. Educate the customer on problem resolution procedures
  3. Document the installation as installed

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