Microsoft 70-620 Real Exam Questions

TS: Configuring Microsoft Windows Vista Client

This Technical Specialist (TS) exam, Exam 70-620: TS: Windows Vista, Configuring, became available in January 2007. This exam is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese [Simplified], Chinese [Traditional], French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

1: When you connect an external monitor to your portable computer, the same image appears on both monitors. You need to drag a window from one monitor to the other. What should you do?
A.Change the display setting to extend the desktop.
B.In the Microsoft Windows Mobility Center window, turn on the Presentation Settings feature.
C.Configure the external monitor as the primary display and the built-in monitor as the secondary display.
D.Change the secondary display resolution settings to make them equal to or less than the primary display resolution settings.
Correct Answers: A

2: You need to configure the power settings of your portable computer so that the display turns off when it is inactive and running on battery power. You also need to ensure that the power settings of the hard disk remain unaffected. What should you do?
A.Change the advanced power settings of the Balanced power plan.
B.Configure the portable computer to use the Power saver power plan.
C.Configure the portable computer to use the High performance power plan.
D.Restore the Power Saver power plan to the default settings.
Correct Answers: A3: You install Windows Vista on a computer for a user who is visually impaired. You need to configure a High Contrast color scheme on the computer. What should you do?
A.Open the Control Panel and start Color Management.
B.Open the Control Panel and start Ease of Access Center.
C.Right-click the desktop, click Personalize, and click Theme.
D.Right-click the desktop, click Personalize, and click Display Settings.
Correct Answers: B

4: You need to verify whether your computer can obtain all of the latest operating system updates.What should you do?
A.Confirm that your computer has a Microsoft Windows Experience Index base score above 3.0.
B.Run Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.
C.Configure Windows Defender to detect updates before scanning.
D.Validate your Windows installation from the Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage Web page.
Correct Answers: D

5: You are an IT professional for your company.Your job requires you to track the latest Windows Vista information on a Web site at need to subscribe to the Web site's RSS feed, and configure the feed to automatically update once a day. Other RSS feeds to which you have subscribed must not be affected. You must accomplish the task by using Windows Internet Explorer.
Correct Answers:

6: You have an application that is incompatible with Windows Aero. You need to ensure that Windows Aero is automatically disabled when you run the application. What should you do?
A.Run the application as a standard user.
B.Configure the appearance settings to enable transparency.
C.From the applications compatibility settings, disable desktop composition.
D.Assign your user account the read and execute permission on the applications executable file.
Correct Answers: C

8: You configure a subscription to a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed that often includes large videos. You need to minimize delay while watching the videos. What should you do?
A.Configure the RSS feed to download attached files.
B.Configure the RSS feed to retain the most recent items.
C.Enable the Turn on feed reading view option of the RSS feed.
D.Enable the Automatically mark feed as read when reading a feed option of the RSS feed.
Correct Answers: A

9: Your mobile device runs the latest version of the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. Your mobile device supports the use of Bluetooth and Infrared (IR) for data synchronization. You need to configure data synchronization on your computer to only use Bluetooth. Which three actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents a part of the solution. Choose three.)
A.Clear the Allow USB connections check box.
B.Select the Allow USB connections check box.
C.Select the Bluetooth option from the drop down list.
D.Clear the Allow connections to one of the following check box.
E.Select the Allow connections to one of the following check box.
F.Install the latest version of Microsoft ActiveSync on the computer and perform an initial sync.
Correct Answers: A C E
10: You need to ensure that when you tap specific areas on your Microsoft Windows Tablet PC, only those areas respond. What should you do?
A.Calibrate the Windows Tablet PC.
B.Change the Handedness settings of your Windows Tablet PC.
C.Choose the order in which your screen rotates in the Orientation Sequence Settings dialog box.
D.Select the Use the personalized recognizer (recommended) check box in the Windows Tablet PC settings.
Correct Answers: A

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