CCIE Lab Exam Information

CCIE Certification Involves Two Exams

The focus is on identifying experts capable of understanding and navigating the subtleties, intricacies and challenges of end-to-end networking. To become certified, you must pass both a written qualification exam AND the corresponding hands-on lab exam. This section provides general information on CCIE exams; detailed information on the topics covered in the exams is found in the Track Details.

Lab Exam Information

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The Final Step in Earning Your CCIE

Lab exams are eight-hour, hands-on exams that test the ability to configure and troubleshoot networking equipment and software. The topics covered on lab exams can be found on the Track Details pages, links provided on this page. Not all exams are offered at all Cisco CCIE lab locations; please consult Lab Exam Locations for specific details.

Lab Scheduling and Payment

A valid passing score on a written exam is required to schedule a lab exam. Written exam scores are automatically downloaded from testing vendors, but may take up to ten days to

appear in your file. You will need the identification number you used to register for the written exam, the date of your passing exam and your passing score.
Exams must be paid for at least 90 days before the scheduled lab date, or the reservation will be automatically cancelled. You will only receive one email notification reminding you to make your payment. You can verify the payment due date on an exam by logging in and viewing your Certification Status. Payment options depend on the location of the lab exam, as indicated in the table below.
Payment processing generally takes one to seven days, so be sure to initiate the process well in advance of the payment due date. All payments will be posted exactly 90 days prior to your scheduled lab date, regardless of when you initiate the process. Invoices will not be issued until the payment is processed.

Cost of Lab Exam

Lab exams cost $1,400 USD each, not including travel and lodging. Costs may vary due to exchange rates and local taxes (VAT in Brussels and GST in Sydney). You are responsible for any fees your financial institution may charge to complete the payment transaction.

Lab Exam Grading

Each question on the lab has specific criteria. The labs are graded by proctors who ensure all criteria are met and points are awarded accordingly. The proctors use automatic tools to gather information from the routers to perform some preliminary evaluations, but the final determination of a correct or incorrect configuration is done by a trained proctor.


You can view your lab exam results online (login required), usually within 48 hours. Results are Pass/Fail and failing score reports indicate major topic areas where additional study and preparation may be useful.

Reevaluation of Results

Exam results appeals are available for the routing and switching, security, and service provider technology tracks. Only exams with potential to change from fail to pass will have the option to request an appeal, based on years of historical data. Appeals are not available for the voice or storage tracks due to equipment limitations.

An appeal consists of a second proctor loading your configurations into a rack to recreate the test and re-score the entire exam. This process takes up to three weeks after receipt of payment. Only one appeal per lab attempt is permitted.

The result of the appeal is a confirmation of the existing fail or an update to a pass.

Payment Terms
Make your request within 14 days following your exam date by using the “Request for Reread” link next to your lab record. Each appeal costs $250.00 USD plus any applicablelocal taxes . Payment is made online via credit card and your card will be charged upon receipt of the request. You may not cancel the appeal request once the process has been initiated. Refunds are given only when results change from fail to pass.

Lab Exams: Rescheduling, Cancellations and Refunds

Important Restrictions

Cancellations or changes to the date, location, or exam type must be made at least 90 days prior to the scheduled exam date. Cancellations or changes are made online by logging in and editing your Certification Status. If you have already paid and cancel at least 90 days before the exam date, you are eligible for a full refund by contacting CCIE customer support through the Certifications Online Support tool.

Entrance Visas

It is strongly recommended that, if you require an entrance visa to attend the lab, you apply for the visa 10-12 weeks before the scheduled lab date. If you do not obtain the required visa, you must still cancel your lab at least 90 days in advance to receive a refund.