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A customer is implementing EMC VMAX array and is using the new management console for the Symmetrix VMAX for management and performance operations.
How many eLicense entitlements must be used?

A.    Single eLicense entitlement for both operations.
B.    Single eLicense entitlement per Solutions Enabler.
C.    eLicense entitlement per operation.
D.    eLicense entitlement per Unisphere server.

Answer: A

A customer uses Solutions Enabler to manage their Symmetrix VMAX arrays. They want to ensure that device groups defined on one Solutions Enabler host becomes visible to the other Solutions Enabler hosts automatically.
Which Solutions Enabler daemon will satisfy this requirement?

A.    storgnsd
B.    storapid
C.    storrdfd
D.    storevntd

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A data center purchased one new VMAX storage array with Enginuity 5875. After installing the necessary licenses, the admin issued a command to view the information shown in the exhibit.
Which command did the admin issue?

A.    symlmf list – type emclm – sid 103
B.    symlmf query – type emclm – sid 103
C.    symlmf show – type emclm – sid 103
D.    symlmf view – type emclm – sid 103

Answer: A

Which symconfigure option is used to check command syntax only?

A.    Preview
B.    Prepare
C.    Commit
D.    Query

Answer: A

Which command is used for Virtual LUN Migration?

A.    symmigrate
B.    symaccess
C.    symconfigure
D.    symsg

Answer: A

Which Symmetrix VMAX Enginuity features can be managed by both Unisphere for VMAX and Symmetrix Management Console?

A.    Auto Provisioning, Virtual Provisioning for FBA Volumes and SRDF
B.    FAST VP for CKD Volumes, Federated Live Migration (FLM) and TimeFinder/Snap
C.    Virtual Provisioing for CKD Volumes, TimeFinder/Clone and SRDF
D.    Federated Tiered Storage (FTS), FAST VP for FBA Volumes and TimeFinder VP Snap

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of concurrent differential TimeFinder/Clone sessions that can be created from a single source device?

A.    8
B.    10
C.    12
D.    16

Answer: A

A customer configured FAST VP so data movement can take place from 00:00 to 24:00, but it seems the hot spots have not moved at all.
What could be causing this?

A.    FAST VP is not enabled
B.    FAST VP movement time window is too large
C.    Maximum device moves per day are set too low
D.    Data movement mode is set to AUTO

Answer: A

Which Unisphere for VMAX task must be performed to allow Unisphere to collect performance data on a Symmetrix array?

A.    System Registration
B.    Set up Real Time Traces
C.    Create Dashboards
D.    Set up recurring BTP report

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of Device Pools a Symmetrix VMAX can support?

A.    512
B.    256
C.    1024
D.    2048

Answer: A

Where is the scope of a project is documented?

A.    Statement of Work
B.    Configuration Guide
C.    Test Plan
D.    Design document

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of concurrent non-differential TimeFinder/Clone copies that can be created against a single standard source volume?

A.    16
B.    15
C.    8
D.    32

Answer: A
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