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Which choice lists the HTML5 elements that define the document structure for a Web page?

A.    <header>, <footer>, <nay>, <main>, <mainimage>
B.    <header>, <footer>, <banner>, <nay>, <article>
C.    <header>, <footer>, <nay>, <main>, <article>
D.    <header>, <footer>, <nay>, <article>, <aside>

Answer: D

When developing a Web site, which of the following actions would be considered unethical?

A.    Borrowing music from another site with the owner’s written permission
B.    Creating new code that provides a look and feel similar to another site
C.    Linking your site to another site with permission
D.    Copying some code from another Web site

Answer: D

Ron has an older computer to which he frequently downloads and saves company files. He recently noticed that he was running low on disk space and decided to delete many old files that he no longer needed. He now notices that it takes a long time to open or save documents to his hard drive. Which maintenance task can help?

A.    Disk defragmentation
B.    chkdsk command
C.    fdisk command
D.    Disk cleanup

Answer: A

One of your co-workers calls you to ask if you sent her an e-mail message with an attachment. You recall that you sent several c-mails with attachments earlier that day. Which of the following is your best response to this question?

A.    Ask your co-worker to open the attachment and describe the contents.
B.    Ask your co-worker to read the e-mail message including the full name of the attachment and its extension.
C.    Ask your co-worker to forward the e-mail to you so you can open the attachment and check it.
D.    Ask your co-worker to forward the e-mail to your company’s management.

Answer: B

When a developer wants to center a paragraph of text, which code should she use?

A.    <p text-align="center">This is the text to center</p>
B.    <p "text-align: center"> This is the text to center</p>
C.    <p style="text-align: center"> This is the text to center</p>
D.    <p style: text-align="center"> This is the text to center</p>

Answer: C

Wireless networks are subject to more security issues than standard wired networks. Which wireless security protocol can prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to the wireless network?

A.    WPA2
B.    RSA
C.    AES
D.    DES

Answer: A

Irena is reviewing several promotional product videos from her company’s marketing department before they are published on the company’s Web site. The videos are in RealMedia format, but they do not open in Irena’s Windows Media Player. What should Irena do in order to view the videos?

A.    Contact her company’s Technical Support department and schedule service for her computer.
B.    Convert the video files to the WMV format, because RealMedia files will not play in Windows
Media Player.
C.    Upload the videos to the Web server to be viewed through Windows Media Player because they
will not play from a local computer.
D.    Decompress the files before attempting to play them in Windows Media Player, because RealMedia
files are compressed for uploading/downloading.

Answer: B

Consider the following address:
http://www.ClWcertified .com/certifications/web_foundations/iba.php
Which part of the URL represents the server name on which this page resides?

A.    www
B.    .CIWcertified
C.    .CIWcertifed .com
D.    /certifications/

Answer: A

What is the distinguishing difference between a LAN and WAN?

A.    A LAN is a group of networked computers within a confined geographic area.
B.    A WAN is a group of networked computers within a confined geographic area.
C.    A LAN typically provides slower network connection speeds than a WAN.
D.    A WAN is commonly used for intra-office communication.

Answer: A

Lisa is traveling on company business. She has a company-issued smartphone with 4G access. Her hotel does not provide Internet access. What advantage does 4G provide to help her access the Internet?

A.    She can use a 4G mobile hotspot device with her phone to connect her laptop to Wi-Fi.
B.    She can use the 4G phone to establish a VPN connection into the company network.
C.    She can use the 4G phone to call and locate a public location that provides free Wi-Fl.
D.    She can use her 4G phone’s GPS to identify another hotel that provides in-room Internet access.

Answer: A

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