Avaya ACIS 6401 Dumps and Practice Tests

Avaya IP Office Implementation Exam: 6401 Exam

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  • Exam Code: ACIS 6401
  • Exam Name: Avaya IP Office Implementation Exam
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When using the Mobile Twinning option, calls ringing to your extension are not twinning to the
external device that you have set. What are two reasons that would cause the call not to twin?
(Choose two.)
A. The Mobile Twinning license is not available.
B. The phone is set in the Do Not Disturb state.
C. The phone is logged in as an agent.
D. There is no Mobile Twinning feature activation button set on the user.
Answer: A,B

Your customer reports that once a week, they cannot leave messages when calling into voicemail.
The system needs to be restarted for it to work. They have an IP500 with VoiceMail Pro. You
realize that you must collect some information for analysis.
Which two statements are relevant? (Choose two.)
A. A debug view level 1 trace of the voicemail system covering from when the problem occurred
until it was resolved.
B. The voicemail server Windows system and application event logs.
C. A System Monitor trace of the IP Office covering the period before the voicemail returning busy
up until when the problem was resolved, with default options and voicemail events enabled.
D. A System Monitor trace of the IP Office covering the period before the voicemail returning busy
up until when the problem was resolved, with default options and voicemail/message recorder
Answer: B,C

Which two activities should be considered when tracing an issue with System Monitor for data
gathering? (Choose two.)
A. The trace should be checked to confirm that it does contain activity for the problem in
B. The filters should be set correctly within the Monitor Application.
C. The trace should be truncated to only contain the QUESTION NOable activity.
D. Only the default options should be selected in System Monitor.
Answer: A,B

You installed PhoneManager Pro at a customer's location. The application shows that it is logged
in with the PhoneManager Pro. However, the microphone and speaker are not active (grayed out).
Which two would resolve the problem? (Choose two.)
A. having a valid IP Audio Enabled license
B. installing the soundcard on the PC
C. attaching external speakers and microphones
D. setting the LAN connection for 100 MB, full duplex
Answer: A,B

Which application will allow you to check for errors within the IP Office configuration?
A. System Status Application
B. Manager
C. System Monitor
D. Call Status
Answer: A

When using Voice Conference Notification in the Conference Center Software, which three options
does the participant have when they are called? (Choose three.)
A. Wait
B. Accept
C. Decline
D. Join later
E. Participant is unavailable
Answer: B,C,E

Which two need to be set on the Manager PC to ensure a successful recovery of an IP Office
using the DTE port? (Choose two.)
A. Feature Key Server
B. a static IP address for the PC
C. UDP discovery turned on in Manager
D. correct BootP entry for the IP Office unit in Manager
Answer: B,D

When installing ContactStore, what are two basic requirements that must be confirmed on the PC
prior to loading the software? (Choose two.)
A. The PC must have 512MB of RAM and a 20GB hard drive space or higher.
B. The PC must be a Pentium III 2GHz, Celeron, or comparable AMD processor.
C. The PC must have one of the following Windows operating systems: XP Pro, 2000 Pro, 2000
Server, or 2003 Server.
D. The PC network connection must be able to support 1Gbps transmission speeds.
Answer: A,C

An IP Office telephone user reports that a phone is not ringing for outside calls.
What are three possible reasons why this is happening? (Choose three.)
A. The IP Office locale is set to "A-Law".
B. The phone does not have the user profile logged onto the phone.
C. The ring volume is too low to hear.
D. The phone has been set to "Offhook Station".
E. The phone is set to "Do Not Disturb".
Answer: B,C,E

Which three options does the IP Office DHCP server supply to the Avaya 4600 and 5600 Series IP
Hardphone? (Choose three.)
A. IP address
B. TFTP server
C. gatekeeper address
D. IP trunk tagging COS values
Answer: A,B,C