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Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch Implementation and Maintenance Exam: 3600 Exam

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  • Exam Code: ACSS 3600
  • Exam Name: Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch Implementation and Maintenance Exam
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A technician is adding the Virtual link Aggregation Control Protocol (VLACP) configuration to a Converged Campus Solution where all Ethernet Routing Switches (ERSs) are directly connected
without intermediary WAN transport devices.
What are two recommended configuration tasks? (Choose two.)
A. Configure all links to use the same timeout value.
B. For the Inter Switch Trunks (1ST) links, configure the long time-out value.
C. For the SMLT links, configure the long timeout value.
D. Configure all links to use a global reserved multicast MAC address for VLACP messages.
Answer: B,D

The Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 supports the feature IP VPN-Lite that does not require the use of an MPLS network.
Which function does the ERS 8600 as a Provider Edge (PE) perform for IP VPN-Lite?
A. The PE uses the Virtual Routing Forwarding (VRF) instances to provide traffic separation
B. The PE provides route exchange with remote PE devices using OSPF.
C. The PE encapsulates the IP packets into the separate VPN-Lite VLANs for traffic separation D.
The PE incorporates Label Distribution Protocol across the core network to connect remote PE devices.
Answer: A

To confirm that routed Split Multi-Link Trunking (RSMLT) will work on a set of VLANs, which network design aspect should be considered?
A. RSMLT is enabled on each SMLT VLAN on which the function is required.
B. RSMLT is enabled on the VLAN group
C. Router 1 always owns the network
D. RSMLT is enabled on all SMLT VLANs
Answer: A

A technician discovers that an Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8300 cat5e copper link is intermittent. The link connects a distant workstation to 8348GTX port 6/2. The cable path is
undetermined at this point and it is suspected to traverse many patch panels.
How can the ERS 8300 Time Domain reflectometer tool be of help in this situation?
A. The Virtual Circuit Test command config ethernet 6/2 vct test can detect opens, shorts, bad terminations.
B. The virtual circuit Repair command config ethernet 6/2 vct repair can detect the bad cable pairs and repair the cable by moving data to the good cable pairs.
C. The Virtual Circuit Echo command config ethernet 6/2 vct echo can detect the bad cable pairs only when connected to another ERS 8300.
D. The Virtual Circuit Detect command config ethernet 6/2 vct detect can detect how many patch panels are used between the device and switch and provide a percentage of dropped packets.
Answer: A

Traceout allows a route to be traced to a network using an Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 CLI command. In the command output, the possible range of ‘w’ values is 1-255.
The ‘w’ value represents wait time for what?
A. Start of command execution
B. Time to live
C. Per probe
D. Completion of traceout report
Answer: C

What is Enterprise Policy Manager (EPM) used for in an Enterprise network?
A. to manage traffic prioritization and network access security for business applications
B. as an alternative to EA servers
C. to distribute control of packet classification for resiliency and efficiency
D. to assign user role attributes on the RADIUS server
Answer: A

Which protocol can be used for end-to-end detection in a network as well as for point-to-point detection?
Answer: B

When multiple VLANs are used, Dynamic Host Control protocol (DHCP) relay is required to get the DHCP information from the end user VLAN to the DHCP server.
Which statement about how to enable DHCP relay for a VLAN is true?
A. The physical VLAN IP address is used as the DHCP relay agent.
B. The IP address of the DHCP relay agent is used.
C. The IP address of the core server VLAN is used
D. The virtual VLAN IP address is used as the DHCP relay agent.
Answer: B

The trace level 9 3 command accomplish?
A. It captures BGP events at a terse level.
B. It captures packets copied to the CPU at a verbose level.
C. It shows CPU utilization.
D. It captures RCC IP events at verbose level.
Answer: B

A technician is configuring 802.1Q tagging Virtual Link Aggregation Control Protocol (VLACP) with timeout and untagged frames to be discarded.
Which part of the network is being configured?
A. 1ST
B. the out-of-band management port
C. the edge access ports
D. the uplinks
Answer: D

When incorporating Split Multi-Link Trunk (SMLT) on a pair of Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 switches traffic from the edge of the network is directed to either ERS 8600. The ping-snoop feature assists in determining which path the traffic is taking. How does the ping-snoop operation work?
Determining which path the traffic is taking. How does the ping-snoop operation work?
A. Ping-snoop looks at the IP header and directs traffic to designated link.
B. Ping-snoop looks at the MAC header and directs traffic to the designated link
C. Ping-snoop identifies traffic that matches the IP flow specified in the ping-snoop command.
D. Ping-snoop identifies traffic that matches the MAC header (source and destination) specified in the ping-snoop command.
Answer: C

One of the benefits of the Ethernet Routing switch (ERS) 8300 switch is its ability to provide power-over-Ethernet (PoE). When implementing PoE on the ERS 8300 there are certain power supply requirements to consider. The 8301AC produces 1140W and 1770W and the 8302AC produces 850W and 1400W depending on the input voltage for both cases.
If there are eight 8648TX-PWR modules in a chassis, each needing 200W for Powered Devices
(PI)) which power supply configuration is recommended?
A. One8301AC power supply with 240VAC input voltage
B. Two8302AC power supplies with 120VAC input voltage
C. Three83CAC power supplies with 240VAC input voltage
D. Two8301AC andone8302Ac for redundancy with 240VAC input voltage
Answer: C

When configuring an Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 redundant Installation for warm standby, which protocol is used to give the fastest recalculation of large layer 3 topology by the standby CPU, after a Master CPU failure?
B. Rip
Answer: C

When configuring a new Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 using the default interface, the attempt to load an ACLI configuration fails because the default interface is the CLI.
How is the ACLI interface obtained?
A. Change the interface type in the config.cfg file.
B. Change the ACLI boot flag and save the boot configuration file.
C. Exit the CLI and choose ACLI at the interface manager prompt.
D. Use the abort command and enter 'no' at the default interface prompt.
Answer: B

Which set of procedures will upgrade the boot monitor on an Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 with a single 8692SF module?
A. Copy the new image to flash. Activate the new image with SF module in service.
B. Copy the new image to flash. Boot the new image.
C. Modify the boot choice for run-time image. Boot the new image.
D. Copy the new image to flash. Modify the boot choice for run-time image. Boot the new image.
Answer: B

Which VLAN/VLANS should be included on the Inter Switch Trunks (1ST) for a proper functioning split Multi-Link Trunking (SMLT) configuration?
A. only VLAN 101
B. only VLAN 1 and the 1ST
C. only the VLANs that are also included on the SMLT/SLT uplinks
D. the 1ST VWN and all the vWNs that are included on all SMLT/SLT links
Answer: D

Which feature can be used on a Split Multi I ink Trunking (SMLT) with a Sod Down option?
A. Extended control packet limit (ext-CP)
B. Discard untagged frames
C. Simple Loop Prevention Protocol (SLPP)
D. Virtual Link Aggregation Protocol (VLACP)
Answer: A

Fn Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8300 configurations, which service class ensures that protocol updates such as RIP and OSPF are able to get out of a heavily congested switch?
A. Bronze
B. Standard
C. Network Control
D. Premium Control
Answer: C

What is a characteristic of Routed Split Multi-Link Trunking (RSMLT) configuration?
A. RSMLT is only configured on edge SMLT connections.
B. RSMLT uses priority values to distinguish between the primary and backup routers
C. RSMLT routers are implemented with Virtual Routing Forwarding (VRF)-Lite routers
D. RSMLT is always used in conjunction with routing protocols and SMLT connections.
Answer: D

An Information Technology organization needs to determine whether they should upgrade their existing Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 switches to release 5.0. Each chassis currently has both 8648GTR 8648TX modules. One of the features that the company requires is the ability to perform port mirroring on multiple ports per module at a time.
What should be done to meet their port mirroring requirement when upgrading to software release 5.0?
A. Replace the existing modules with 8648GTRS modules,
B. Upgrade to ERS 8600 Release 5.0 without any hardware upgrade.
C. Replace the existing 8648TX modules with ERS 8648TXE for egress mirroring.
D. Recommend other means to capturing traffic.
Answer: B