650-177 SMBAM Real Exam Questions

The 650-177 SMBAM SMB Account Manager exam is the exam associated with the Small Business Account Manger job role. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Small Business Specialization track of courses. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge to be able to articulate the value of the Cisco Small Business Solution and understanding basic customer small and medium-sized business requirements. Topics covered include: discovering customer business requirements; identifying the capabilities and benefits of the Cisco small and medium-sized business Solution; and, recommending appropriate post-sales service and support options.

1.The Solutions Recommendation Guide is a framework for creating a customized SMB solution. In order
to create a customized solution, which two components are needed? (Choose two.)
A.implementation ratings determined
B.specific products and technology available
C.benefits to the business decided
D.business capabilities enabled
F.business challenges identified

2.What two technologies do SMB customers most often want to implement in the future? (Choose two.)
E.Data Center

3.What Cisco CE520 feature optimizes quality of service?
A.Cisco Configuration Assistant
B.Cisco Network Admission Control
C.Cisco Smart Assist
D.Cisco Smartports

4.What is a key purpose of the Solutions Recommendation Guide?
A.present Cisco products
B.provide a framework of tested and proven models
C.identify basic needs of the business
D.calculate the business need priority

5.Which Cisco support service product is sold, supported, and delivered by partners?
A.Cisco Smart Foundation Service
B.SMARTnet Partner Service
C.Cisco Smart Care Service
D.Cisco Technical Assistance Center
E.CiscoSMARTnet for SBCS

6.What resource would you recommend to a new Cisco partner for a variety of tools?
A.Channel Incentive program
B.Unified Communications for SMB
C.Partner Central
D.Steps to Success
E.nstructions: Number of answers: 1

7.What is a primary partner benefit of selling services?
A.easier customer sales cycle
B.increased margins
C.fewer customer call backs
D.available financing options

8.What is the primary purpose of IPS?
A.to scan packets for malicious activity
B.to provide basic firewall protection
C.to host secure remote communications
D.to host Internet connectivity
E.to provide AIM

9.Which three characteristics are indicators that a potential SMB customer is in the
SBR-defined growth phase? (Choose three.)
A.focusing on becoming more efficient
B.wanting greater connectivity for customers
C.requesting convergence of voice and data
D.providing a customer with a basic up-to-date website
E.needing rapid secure access to customer history, data, or buying behavior

10.Which two CRM servers allow Cisco Unified Call Connector to be configured for connectivity? (Choose
A.Microsoft Dynamics

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