650-082 MITSE Real Exam Questions

This exam will test System Engineer’s knowledge of features, functions and design of the Cisco ASR 5000 mobile internet solution. There will be a focus on design and planning for deployment. Candidates should prepare for this exam by taking the Mobile Internet Technology for Account Managers course as the MIT SE exam covers content from both the AM and SE training courses.

The following information provides general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam.

  • Describe ASR 5000 Hardware and Software
  • Describe Understanding the StarOS Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Describe Software Licensing and Upgrade
  • Describe ASR 5000 Core services for GPRS/UMTS – SGSN and GGSN Functionalities
  • Describe the Design and Implementation of xGSN
  • Describe Billing & Policy
  • Describe Statistics and Alarms
  • Describe Services Overview
  • Describe the Design and Implementation of LTE