650-027 CDMS2 Real Exam Questions

The 650-027 CDMS2 Cisco DMS for SE/FE exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of the Cisco Authorized DMS Partner Program’s SE and/or FE training content. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Video 101 QLM and the Technical Deep Dive ILT courses.

1.For video to be stored on a DVD or hard drive the video must first be converted to what?
A. An electronic wave form
B. A digital format
C. A picture based flip file.
D. A photo emulsion.
Answer: B

2.Which of the following is not Digital Media System module?
A. Enterprise TV Module
B. Live concert Module
C. Digital Signage Module
D. Video Portal Module
Answer: B

3.In the Digital Media Designer the RSS ticker object can only be assigned to one type of object. What is
that object?
A. Video Object Scroller
B. Box Object
C. Video Playlist
D. Non-Video Playlist
Answer: B

4.Which component of the DMS system sends SNMP traps to third party management systems?
D. Video Portal
Answer: B

5.What is the best method of QoS to implement for video quality on low bandwidth network?
A. Over Provision
B. IntServ
C. None of the other alternatives apply
D. DiffServ
Answer: D

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