650-026 CDMS1 Real Exam Questions

The 650-026 CDMS1 Cisco DMS for Account Manager exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of the Cisco Authorized DMS Partner Program’s AM training content. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Video 101 QLM and the AM Pre- Sales training courses.

The following information provides general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam.

  • Describe the basics of video technology
  • Describe the differences between analog and digital video
  • Describe the basics of the Video Solutions Cisco offers and products included
  • Describe all applicable business drivers for the Cisco Digital Media System Solution

1.In-Store retail purchasing decisions are reduced by what percentage when customers view digital
A. 20%
B. 100%
C. 50%
D. 1%
Answer: A

2.Which Cisco DMS solution(s) can use hand held remote control to select content?
A. Digital Signage
B. Enterprise TV
C. Desktop Media
D. Cisco TV
Answer: A

3.The Cisco video portal does not support which feature below:
A. Advanced Player controls
B. Fully automated temperature settings
C. Slide Sync
D. User restricted content
Answer: B

4.Which is not a benefit of the Cisco Digital Media Player?
A. Security hardened device
B. Allows remote management of displays VIA RS-232
C. Low power consumption
D. It has a 3.4 year MTBF because of spinning components such as a hard drive and fan
Answer: D

5.Which is not considered a business driver for DMS when targeting the Sports and Entertainment
A. Ultimate Fan experience
B. New catering options
C. Safety and security
D. New revenue streams
Answer: B

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