650-575 LCSAS Real Exam Questions

The 650-575 LCSAS Lifecycle Services Advanced Security exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach to help successfully sell, deploy, and support Cisco technologies and optimize their performance. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the LCSAS Lifecycle Services Advanced Security course.

1: Which three of the following service components are included in the design phase? (Choose three.)
A.Account Qualification and Planning
B.Detailed Design Customer Sign-Off
C.Staff Training
D.Systems Acceptance Test Plan Development
E.Proposal Development
F.Staging Plan Development
Correct Answers: B D F

2: Which of the following is an activity of the site readiness assessment service component in the plan phase?
A.Align Business Requirements to Technical Requirements
B.Create a Plan to Recycle Used Equipment
C.Assess Infrastructure Requirements
D.Install and Test System Components in a Nonproduction Environment
Correct Answers: C

3: Which service component in the security implement phase includes activities such as executing test cases, capturing test results, and tuning test procedures?
A.As-Built Documentation
B.Acceptance Testing
D.Define Technical Procedures
E.Network Ready for Use
Correct Answers: B

4: Which activity is performed in a security solution readiness assessment?
A.Assess Existing Software Operations Procedures
B.Survey Facility Site
C.Preliminary Technology Discovery
D.Assessment and Remediation Planning
Correct Answers: A

5: Which three activities are part of a security site readiness assessment service component in the plan phase? (Choose three.)
A.Business Case Development
B.Facility Site Survey
C.As-Built Documentation
D.Perform an Acceptance Test Plan
E.Assess Infrastructure Requirements
F.Perform Site Assessment Gap Analysis
Correct Answers: B E F

6: which service component in the design phase develops a plan that identifies the steps to move from an existing system to a proposed system?
A.Business Plan Development
B.Implementation Plan Development
C.Business Requirements Document
D.Staging Plan Development
Correct Answers: B

7: Which service component is part of the design phase?
A.Change Management
B.Implementation Plan Development
C.Site Readiness Assessment
D.High-Level Design Development
Correct Answers: B

8: Which service component is in the security operate phase?
A.Change Management
B.Operation Assessment
C.Operations Design
D.Security Technology Assessment
Correct Answers: A

9: Which design phase service component activity is part of the staging plan development?
A.Checking Hardware and Software Configuration
B.Detailing Installation and Service Requirements in a Controlled Implementation Environment
C.Planning an Escalation Notification Process
D.Present Systems Acceptance Test Plan
Correct Answers: B

10: Which activity is included in the security business requirements development service component in the prepare phase?
A.Conduct Executive Sponsor Interview
B.Conduct Initial Interview
C.Conduct Business Requirements Workshops
D.Hold Partner and Cisco Systems Strategy Meeting
Correct Answers: C

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