642-072 CUDN Real Exam Questions

The Cisco Unity Design and Networking exam is one of several requirements for the Cisco Unity Design Specialist certification.

1: A customer has Cisco Unity installed in a distributed call-processing configuration. At their remote location, one of their two Cisco Unity Unified Messaging servers experiences a catastrophic failure. Your customer wants to use the recent Cisco Unity Disaster Recovery Tool backup to restore the failed server user database to the functioning Cisco Unity server.What do you tell the customer?
A.This will work only if the user database does not exceed 7500 users on the functioning server.
B.This will work if all the user Exchange aliases are unique.
C.The Disaster Recovery Tool will restore only to the default Cisco Unity database.
D.VERITAS Backup Exec must be used in this scenario.
Correct Answers: C

2: You have completed the low-level design definition document. What is the next document step in the process?
A.logical site survey
B.physical site survey
C.implementation plan
D.Bill of Materials
Correct Answers: C

3: Some Cisco Unity Unified Messaging users complain that they cannot make a TRaP connection when attempting to play and record messages through their desktops. What is a possible cause of this?
A.A firewall separates these users from Cisco Unity.
B.These users are not licensed for Unified Messaging.
C.These users need to have their Exchange mailboxes modified to allow access.
D.The Cisco Unity server does not have a sufficient number of Unified Messaging licenses.
Correct Answers: A

4: You are beginning the Cisco Unity design process with your customer. Which worksheet template do you use first?
A.initial customer requirements
B.preliminary customer requirements interview
C.external customer requirements
D.internal customer requirements
Correct Answers: D

5: The Grant Unity Access utility is used when subscribers have authentication issues using the Cisco Unity Inbox in which Cisco Unity configuration?
A.all Unified Messaging configurations
B.all voice-mail-only configurations
C.voice-mail-only configurations when Cisco Unity is installed in the existing forest/domain
D.voice-mail-only configuration when Cisco Unity is installed in a new forest/domain
Correct Answers: C

6: The Cisco Unity Internet Voice Connector performs which task on incoming VPIM messages?
A.sets the address type to VOICE
B.converts the message to MAPI format
C.routes messages to the UOmni mailbox
D.converts voice attachments to the G.729a audio format
Correct Answers: B

7: Your customer is almost finished migrating from a Cisco Unity interoperability system with an Octel solution. They have a technician on-site to replace another Octel node with a Cisco Unity server. The customer calls and asks what tool you used last time to add all the Bridge subscribers from an Excel file, and where it is.Select the utility name and location.
A.Bulk Import in the Commserver/Techtools folder
B.Migrate Subscriber Data tool in Tools Depot
C.Migrate User Import utility in Tools Depot
D.Bridge User Import in the Commserver/Bridge Migrations folder
Correct Answers: B

8: The Interop Gateway service is configured to run on which server or servers in an interoperability scenario?
A.IBM Lotus Domino server or servers with Cisco Unity users
B.all Cisco Unity servers in the IBM Lotus Domino configuration
C.the Cisco Unity Bridgehead server in the IBM Lotus Domino configuration
D.IBM Lotus Domino servers where the DUC is installed
Correct Answers: C

9: You are attempting to manage subscribers on other Cisco Unity servers. When you attempt to connect, you are denied access. What is the probable cause?
A.You can use only Terminal Services for this function.
B.You do not have permissions and must run the Grant Unity Access utility.
C.You cannot manage Cisco Unity servers located outside your dialing domain.
D.The Cisco Unity server you are attempting to reach has the Cisco Security Agent for Unity installed.
Correct Answers: B

10: You are conducting a physical site survey. What two items require data collection? (Choose two.)
A.Are there any messaging servers on site?
B.How many managers are on site?
C.How many users are on site?
D.How many offices are on site?
E.What type of work is done on site?
Correct Answers: A C

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