642-974 DCNIS-2 Real Exam Questions

Data Center Network Infrastructure Support – 2

The 642-974 Cisco Data Center Network Infrastructure Support 2 exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of the skills needed by a field engineer to install and support a Cisco Data Center Nexus platform.

1: The install all command performs which two functions? (Choose two.)
A.restores the old image as the new kickstart image
B.backs up the currently active software image before upgrading it
C.causes a switchover back to the originally active supervisor module
D.copies the kickstart and system images to the standby supervisor module
E.reloads the standby supervisor module with the new Cisco NX-OS software
Correct Answers: D E

2: How many paths can be considered in NX-OS for equal-cost multipathing?
Correct Answers: D

3: Which command enables uRPF in strict mode?
A.ip verify unicast source strict
B.ip verify unicast source reachable-via rx
C.ip verify unicast source reachable-via any
D.ip verify unicast source reachable-via strict
Correct Answers: B

4: In policy-based routing, what action is taken to packets that do not match any of the route-map statements?
B.forwarded using the specified "set" policy
C.continue being evaluated against the implicit "permit" statement
D.forwarded using a policy identical to packets matching a "deny" statement
Correct Answers: D

5: How does the Ethernet Host Virtualizer accomplish multiple active uplinks and loop prevention in a Cisco Nexus 5000 Switch?
A.by implementing PVST
B.by PortChanneling uplink ports
C.by pinning MAC addresses to specific ports
D.by tying a server interface to a border interface in the switching fabric
Correct Answers: C

6: Using the default VDC high-availability options in the Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch, which of the following occurs after a failure?
A.If single supervisor, a graceful restart is forced.
B.If dual supervisors, a supervisor switchover is forced.
C.The VDC is deleted and no further action will be performed.
D.The VDC is deleted and then re-created with startup configuration.
Correct Answers: B

7: What can a Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch administrator do per VDC to provide OOB management?
A.allocate separate VLANs and VRFs per VDC
B.use 802.1Q trunking and provide a separate VLAN per VDC
C.use different OOB management ports for the different VDCs
D.use the same VLAN and subnet for all VDCs, with different IP addresses
Correct Answers: D

8: During failover, what happens with the MAC address of the standby HSRP router?
A.It is reclaimed by the active router.
B.The standby router sends gratuitous ARP messages.
C.The standby router assumes the virtual MAC address.
D.It defaults to the factory-burned MAC address of the standby router.
Correct Answers: C

9: Information gathered during the DCNM initial discovery includes information about which of the following?
B.SNMP clients
C.running configuration
D.directly connected devices only
Correct Answers: C

10: How are DHCP messages validated in the DHCP snooping process?
A.Traffic is blocked if it matches MAC addresses of invalid DHCP servers.
B.Trusted sources are matched by identifying RFC-consistent DHCP calls.
C.Untrusted sources are identified by configuring their connecting interfaces.
D.Untrusted sources are matched against a database of valid DHCP bindings.
Correct Answers: C

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