646-671 AWLANAM Real Exam Questions

Advanced Wireless LAN for Account Managers

The 646-671 AWLANAM Advanced Wireless LAN for Account Managers exam is the exam associated with the Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN Sales Specialist certification. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of the features and benefits of Cisco wireless products; how the products are positioned within corporate office, large commercial, and vertical market environments; and the competitive differentiators of the products. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Advanced wireless LAN Sales/AM v2.0 and Lifecycle Services v2.0 course.

1: What is the best description of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network?
A.It enables public sector agencies to deploy a secure, scalable, broadband network that integrates wired and wireless IP infrastructures, delivering network intelligence and applications for mobile users across a city.
B.It is a powerful solution for enterprises that want to combine the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver scalable, manageable, and secure wireless LANs with a low total cost of ownership.
C.It uses a single network infrastructure for the transmission of data, voice, and video traffic, delivering the business benefits of a converged, wireless network to enterprise-level organizations.
D.It is the only unified wired and wireless solution for service providers in the industry. It is cost-effective and addresses the WLAN security, deployment, management, and control issues facing service providers today.
Corrent Answer: B

2: An enterprise company hires a management consultant, Mary Hunt, to improve corporate knowledge-management systems. The role requires her to be highly mobile within the enterprise as she gathers information from a variety of employees. When Mary is back at her desk, she must compare her new data with the data hosted on the corporate servers. After she logs in, the network recognizes her consultant status and allocates her the appropriate access rights.
Which of the following enables this scenario?
A.location-based services
B.guest access
C.enhanced security
D.network admission control (NAC)
Corrent Answer: B

3: Which two of the following are primary benefits of voice-over-Wi-Fi services? (Choose two.)
A.reduced cellular phone costs
B.reduced cost of replacing lost assets
C.increased employee productivity
D.a single profile across all network types
E.enhanced 911 services for tracking cellular users
Corrent Answer: A C

4: Which two are benefits of a wireless bridge? (Choose two.)
A.allows multiple sites to share a single, high-speed network connection
B.provides faster data transfer speeds than a wired network
C.enables cost-effective, secure deployment of enterprise campus to metropolitan-scale outdoor Wi-Fi networks
D.supports global radio-frequency standards without configuration requirements
E.provides a cost-effective method to connect networks despite limited physical distances or barriers, such as across campus or over lakes
Corrent Answer: A E

6: You are meeting with a city manager of a small town who wants to introduce video surveillance as part of a public-safety initiative. Which of the following benefits is the most important to emphasize when describing the Cisco Outdoor Wireless Network solution?
A.The Cisco solution allows cities to extend services beyond a wired backbone to more remote areas of the city without the trouble and expense of laying cable underground.
B.The Cisco solution allows city agencies to deliver reliable, performance-based services on a citywide wireless network, with centralized monitoring and management capability.
C.The Cisco solution enables IP-based camera solutions to provide real-time situational awareness for law enforcement usage.
D.The Cisco Solution helps provide internet access to underserved populations to help limit or close the "Digital Divide".
Corrent Answer: C

7: Which three of the following service components are included in the WLAN optimize phase? (Choose three.)
A.Change Management
B.Security Administration
C.Operations Readiness Assessment
D.Security Assessment
E.Operations Assessment
F.Technology Assessment
Corrent Answer: D E F

8: What should be emphasized in order to allay fears of inadequate privacy and loss of control among enterprise customers?
A.mobility offered by Cisco WLAN solutions
B.network access where laying cable is difficult or expensive
C.one-day installation with no monthly fees
D.802.1x standards-based security
Corrent Answer: D

9: The Cisco Lifecycle Services approach for wireless solutions provides a framework for which of the following opportunities?
A.customers choosing the right products for their network
B.partners choosing the right products for their customers
C.partners having a discussion with customers about the minimum service components needed to successfully deploy a wireless solution
D.customers defining the correct strategy for advanced technology adoption
E.customers determining a competitor’s strategy for adopting advanced technologies
Corrent Answer: C

10: Which value proposition would best address the needs of an IT director at a manufacturing plant who is concerned about increasing productivity on the factory floor?
A.Cisco WLANs reduce the costs that are associated with difficult-to-wire locations, such as factory floors.
B.Cisco WLANs help maintain an open infrastructure, enabling a network to grow with demand.
C.Cisco Unified Wireless Network solutions make it easy to accommodate the wide range of client devices that are often used in manufacturing plants.
D.Cisco WLANs reduce the need for paper-based processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and create greater opportunities for collaboration.
Corrent Answer: D