642-654 WAASSE Real Exam Questions

Wide Area Application Services for System Engineers

The Wide Area Application Services for System Engineers exam tests the system engineer candidate’s knowledge and ability to implement a Cisco WAAS solution.

1: How does Cisco WAAS advanced compression DRE improve on traditional LZ compression?
A.by removing the transmission of previously-seen data
B.by pre-positioning often-used file segments on the edge WAE appliances
C.by comparing hashes of each file version to avoid unnecessary file synchronization
D.by implementing a more aggressive, hardware-intensive version of the LZ compression algorithm
Correct Answers: A

2: Which two tools could you use to determine what percentage of WAN traffic will be optimized when you use a Cisco WAAS deployment? (Choose two.)
Correct Answers: B E

3: When WCCPv2 is running on a switch or router, what does it use to redirect traffic to a Cisco WAE?
B.GRE tunnels or Layer 2 direction
C.MPLS tunnels or Layer 2 direction
D.Layer 4-7 inspection
Correct Answers: B

4: What is the best way to provide management and monitoring failover for Cisco WAAS?
A.Use two primary Central Manager instances.
B.Use a primary and a secondary Central Manager.
C.Use multiple Cisco WAE devices at the data center.
D.Use multiple Cisco WAE devices at each client location.
E.Use a Cisco CDM at the data center and a Cisco CDM at the furthest client location.
Correct Answers: B

5: Refer to the exhibit. Your customer has installed its data center WAE as shown. Which configuration change would improve the performance of the WAE?
A.change to a two-arm configuration
B.change to an off-router configuration
C.use PBR redirection instead of WCCPv2
D.create a PortChannel between the WAE and the router
Correct Answers: A

6: Your customer’s service provider manages its WAN infrastructure. The customer wants to deploy Cisco WAAS to accelerate file services for a small number of branch offices, but the service provider manages the routers at each site and your customer’s terms of service prohibit the customer from customizing router configurations. Which interception method should you recommend?
D.inline card
Correct Answers: D

7: In a Cisco WAAS solution, what is the role of the Catalyst 6500 ACE module?
A.to provide WAN optimization capabilities in the data center
B.to provide interception and load-balancing of WAE appliances in the data center
C.to perform application acceleration functions for CIFS applications
D.to support load balancing of large numbers of WAE appliances when deployed with WCCPv2
Correct Answers: B

8: For a branch office, what are three high-availability Cisco WAE solutions? (Choose three.)
C.NME-WAE inline cards
D.NME-WAE hot failover
E.firewall load-balancing Cisco WAE devices
F.multiple Cisco WAE devices with inline cards
Correct Answers: A B F

9: Which three features does Cisco WAAS provide to enable the consolidation of infrastructure from remote offices into the data center? (Choose three.)
A.policy-based configuration
B.auto-discovery of CIFS servers
C.support for multiple virtual contexts
D.encryption of traffic between WAE appliances
E.transparent integration into existing networks
F.encapsulation of traffic between WAE appliances in GRE tunnels
Correct Answers: A B E

10: How often is the Cisco WAE running the edge file service able to cache previously-seen files to ensure the files are not stale?
A.every hour
B.every time the file is opened
C.every time the file is modified
D.according to a user-specified schedule
Correct Answers: B

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