CCNP Wireless IUWMS (642-746) Real Exam Questions

Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services

The 642-746 IUWMS Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services exam is the exam associated with the CCNP Wireless certification. This exam assesses a candidate’s capability to integrate mobility services into the WLAN, to tune and troubleshoot the WLAN, and to implement indoor enterprise mesh networks. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the IUWMS Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services course.

1: What is the default role on a Cisco mesh access point?
A.root access point
B.mesh access point
C.root bridge access point
D.workgroup bridge
Correct Answers: B

2: Which AP combinations can support MAP or RAP roles in a mesh network using version 5.2?
A.AP1252, AP1510, AP1522, AP1524
B.AP1232, AP1522, AP1524, AP1242
C.AP1131, AP1522, AP1242, AP1524
D.AP1252, AP 1522, AP1524, AP1242
Correct Answers: C

3: Where is Ethernet bridged traffic terminated in a mesh network?
Correct Answers: D

4: Which two frequencies can be used for backhaul in a mesh solution using version 5.2? (Choose two.)
A.2.4 GHz
B.4.2 GHz
C.4.9 GHz
D.5.8 GHz
Correct Answers: C D

5: What is the Cisco recommendation for maximum hop count and VLANs per sector in a mesh deployment?
A.4 hops, 10 VLANs
B.4 hops, 16 VLANs
C.5 hops, 10 VLANs
D.6 hops, 16 VLANs
Correct Answers: B

6: What is the first step to initially establish a mesh network?
A.Configure the bridge group name.
B.Enter the MAC address of the mesh access point on the Cisco WLC.
C.Enable Ethernet bridging.
D.Enable VLAN tagging.
Correct Answers: B

7: AWPP utilizes which three parameters to determine the optimal path? (Choose three.) parent selection
B.bridge group name
C.ease value
D.hop count
E.parent selection
F.signal-to-noise ratio
Correct Answers: C D F

8: What is the radio role of an AP1410?
B.root bridge
C.root bridge with clients
D.workgroup bridge
Correct Answers: B

9: Which radio role is available on the AP1310 but not on the AP1242?
A.install mode
B.non-root bridge
D.root bridge
Correct Answers: A

10: The Cisco recommended best practice for RSSI-based device tracking states that the tracked devices must be reliably detected by a minimum of how many APs?
Correct Answers: C

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