CCNP Voice (CCVP) 642-426 TUC Real Exam Questions

Troubleshooting Unified Communications (Last day to test:  February 28, 2011)

The 642-426 Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Systems (TUC) exam is the exam associated with the CCNP Voice certification. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications (TUC) course. The exam will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to troubleshoot Enterprise CallManager, Unity, and IP network deployments. The exam addresses hands-on experience in configuring, deploying, and troubleshooting Unified Communications solutions (see Claims and Components attached).

1: Which log file contains call-processing information from services such as Cisco Unified CallManager and Cisco Unified CallManager CTI Manager?
A.CTI trace
B.SDI trace
D.SDL trace
Correct Answers: B

2: You have received a trouble ticket from a user who could not leave a message for John Doe at extension 2001. The user stated that when the call was forwarded to voice-mail, the Cisco Unity opening greeting was played instead of John Doe’s greeting. Which three issues could cause this problem? (Choose three.)
A.The exchange server was down and Cisco Unity was operating in UMR mode.
B.A Cisco Unity call routing rule was added that prevented the Attempt Forward rule from being applied to the call.
C.The voice-mail port used was configured only for Message Notification and MWI Outdial.
D.Extension 2001 was not configured with the correct voice-mail profile.
E.John Doe’s mailbox does not have the correct extension configured in Cisco Unity.
F.A translation pattern modified the redirecting number.
Correct Answers: B D E

3: Partition A contains four route patterns. The calling search space assigned to Device B contains only Partition A. When Device B dials 1136, which of the route patterns will be selected?
Correct Answers: B

4: Which two methods can be used to correct database replication issues in a cluster running Cisco Unified CallManager 4.1? (Choose two.)
A.Enter the utils dbreplication repair command at the command-line prompt.
B.Execute the dblhelper utility on the publisher.
C.Use the SQL Server Enterprise Manager application to recreate the database subscription.
D.Run the Cisco Unified CallManager BARS utility to restore the database to the subscriber.
E.Use the Informix database utility to recreate the database subscription.
Correct Answers: B C

5: Your customer has implemented a multipoint control unit to allow conferencing between existing Cisco Unified Video Advantage users. The multipoint control unit appears to be properly configured, but users are complaining that when they conference they get audio but no video. What is the most likely cause?
A.The region configuration is selecting an incorrect codec.
B.The partition or CSS configuration configuration is preventing video setup.
C.The QoS policy is placing video packets in the default queue.
D.The MRGL configuration is selecting the incorrect conference resource.
Correct Answers: D

6: You are troubleshooting why a user cannot make calls to the PSTN. You are reviewing trace files and you have found where the user’s IP phone initiates the call but you never see the call go out the gateway. What is the next step in troubleshooting this issue?
A.Look in the SDL trace file to see if there is a signal to another Cisco Unified CallManager node with the same time-stamp.
B.Look in the SDL trace file to see if there is a signal to another Cisco Unified CallManager node with the same TCP handle.
C.Look in the IP Voice Media Streaming App trace file to see if an MTP was invoked.
D.Look in the MGCP trace file to determine which MGCP gateway the call was sent to.
Correct Answers: A

7: You have two Cisco Unified CallManager clusters each using endpoint authentication. You have moved a small group of users from Cluster 1 to Cluster 2 and now their phones are failing to register with Cluster 2. Each phone displays the error message "failure to authenticate on the CTL file".
Which step should be taken to resolve this issue?
A.Restart the Cisco CTL Provider and the Cisco Certificate Authority Proxy Function.
B.Reset each IP phone so the correct CTL file can be downloaded.
C.Perform a factory reset on each IP phone so the correct CTL file can be downloaded.
D.Press the Settings button on each IP phone, select the Security Configuration menu, and reset the trust list.
Correct Answers: C

8: Your company has recently installed a Cisco Unified CallManager cluster and a Cisco Unity voice mail platform. You have received complaints from users that the red MWI light never comes on, even when there are new voice-mail messages in the voice mailboxes. Which two steps must be taken to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)
A.Verify, using the Port Usage tool, that the ports dedicated to MWI on/off are not over-utilized. Add another dedicated port if the current port is over-utilized.
B.Verify that the MWI on/off numbers are unique within the Cisco Unified CallManager cluster dial plan. If they are not, change the MWI on/off numbers in the Cisco Unified CallManager cluster so they are unique and configure the Cisco Unity server so they match.
C.Ensure that the number of ports licensed for the Cisco Unity server is greater than or equal to the number of configured ports.
D.Verify that the calls are being sent to the correct ports on the Cisco Unity server. If they are being sent to the incorrect ones by the Cisco Unified CallManager cluster, correct the values in the cluster.
E.Verify that the same numbers are being used for MWI on/off in both the Cisco Unified CallManager cluster and Cisco Unity server. If they are different, change the Cisco Unity server to match the Cisco Unified CallManager cluster.
Correct Answers: B E

9: You have developed a dial plan for a Cisco Unifed CallManager 5.0 solution. All the route patterns, partitions, calling search spaces, and translation rules have been configured. Before starting up the system you wish to test the dial plan for errors.
Which Cisco Unifed CallManager tool will simplify this testing?
A.Dial Plan Installer
B.RTMT Traces and Alarms
C.Route Plan Report
D.Dialed Number Analyzer
Correct Answers: D

10: In order for a third-party SIP phone to register with a Cisco Unified CallManager cluster, which three configuration parameters must match between the phone and the cluster? (Choose three.)
A.device pool
E.MAC address
F.SIP profile
Correct Answers: B C E

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