CCIP 642-691 BGP+MPLS Real Exam Questions

The BGP+MPLS exam is the quickest way for currently certified Cisco Certified Internetwork Professionals to obtain recertification. The exam tests skills and knowledge pertaining to the Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP) and Implementing Cisco MPLS (MPLS) courses. BGP+MPLS may be taken to recertify your CCIP certification. It may also be taken in place of the BGP and MPLS exams required for the CCIP certification.

1: Based on this configuration, which two peering router neighbor statements are correct? (Choose two.)router bgp 50001 neighbor remote-as 50001 neighbor remote-as 50002 neighbor local-as 50003 ! output omitted
A.EBGP – neighbor remote-as 50003
B.EBGP – neighbor remote-as 50001
C.EBGP – neighbor remote-as 50001 and neighbor local-as 50003
D.IBGP – neighbor remote-as 50001
E.IBGP – neighbor remote-as 50003
F.IBGP – neighbor remote-as 50003 and neighbor local-as 50001
Correct Answers: C D

2: Which two statements about a transit AS are correct? (Choose two.)
A.A transit AS has eBGP connection(s) to only one external AS.
B.Routes between ASs are always exchanged via eBGP.
C.A transit AS uses an IGP like OSPF or ISIS to propagate the external networks within the transit AS.
D.Core routers within a transit AS normally use default routing to reach the external networks.
E.iBGP sessions can be established between non directly connected routers.
Correct Answers: B E

3: When using MPLS unicast IP forwarding, what will happen if an LSR receives an incoming labeled packet but the LSR can’t find that incoming label in its LFIB?
A.The packet will be forwarded using the FIB.
B.The packet will be forwarded using the LIB.
C.The packet will be process switched by performing a route lookup in the routing table.
D.The packet will be forwarded using the LFIB with an imp-null outgoing label.
E.The packet will be dropped even if the IP destination exists in the FIB.
Correct Answers: E

4: What is the correct command to set the BGP scanner interval to two minutes?
A.bgp scan-time 2
B.bgp scan-time 120
C.bgp scan-time 2 60
D.The maximum scanning interval cannot exceed one minute.
Correct Answers: D

5: Given the AS-path of (51002 51003) 51001 i from the show ip bgp output, what is the origin?
A.AS 51001
B.AS 51002
C.AS 51003
D.(51002 51003)
Correct Answers: E

6: What best describes the following configuration example of allowas-in? router bgp 100 address-family ipv4 vrf CustomerAneighbor remote-as 123 neighbor activateneighbor allowas-in 2
A.permits incoming BGP updates defined by access-list 2
B.permits incoming BGP updates defined by class-map 2
C.permit incoming BGP updates defined by route-map 2
D.permits incoming BGP updates with no more than two occurrences of AS 100 in the AS path
E.permits incoming BGP updates with no more than two occurrences of AS 123 in the AS path
Correct Answers: D

7: When using the redistribute ospf {process-id} command, which types of OSPF routes will be redistributed into BGP?
A.all internal (interarea and intra-area) OSPF routes
B.all external OSPF routes
C.all external OSPF routes except type 7 LSAs
D.both internal and external OSPF routes
E.only classful OSPF routes without the subnet option
F.only external OSPF routes without the match option
Correct Answers: A

8: When configuring Internet access using a separate MPLS VPN, which three statements are correct? (Choose three.)
A.The Internet backbone is separate from the MPLS VPN backbone.
B.Two dedicated physical or logical links between the PE and the CE routers are required.
C.An Internet gateway is connected as a CE router to the MPLS VPN backbone.
D.An Internet gateway shall insert full Internet routing into the Internet VPN to achieve optimal routing.
E.The customer’s Internet access is enabled by combining the Internet VPN with the Customer VPN using overlapping VPN topology.
Correct Answers: A C E

9: What is the difference in implementation between a managed CE services MPLS VPN and a central services MPLS VPN?
A.RD assignment
B.selective routes export
C.selective routes import
D.MP-BGP route redistribution filtering
E.CE-PE routing process
Correct Answers: B

10: Which four attributes are used by BGP to detect routing loops? (Choose four.)

B.Cluster ID
C.Cluster List
D.Originator ID
E.Community ID
Correct Answers: A B C D

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