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When uncovering information about the customer, which method can provide a higher volume of data points efficiently?

A.    workshop
B.    focus group
C.    survey
D.    interview

Answer: C

CSFs define what an organization should be good at. Which two options are characteristics of CSFs? (Choose two.)

A.    CSFs are quantitative in nature and focus stakeholder relationships
B.    CSFs describe an element that is needed by an organization or project to reach its goal
C.    CSFs help link business initiatives or processes with selling, designing, developing, and adopting solutions and services
D.    CSFs should receive special and continual attention from management in order to help the organization be effective

Answer: BD

Which option has a broad-reaching effect on buying organizations?

A.    technology plan
B.    business unit projects
C.    corporate plan
D.    operating processes

Answer: C

When you seek customer support for an action, which framework can be used to plan influential communication?

A.    stakeholder analysis matrix
B.    seven elements
C.    principled negotiation
D.    business model canvas

Answer: B

Which four options are the top-level key areas of the business model canvas?

A.    products, services, solutions, outcomes
B.    infrastructure, offerings, customers, finances
C.    markets, channels, partners, customers
D.    resources, products, customers, markets

Answer: B

Which two statements partially describe the difference between product-based and outcome-based sales? (Choose two)

A.    In product-based sales the customer knows the issue and is likely to fix it, in outcome- based sales the customer understands the business goal and what success looks like.
B.    In product-based sales the customer expects to make product comparisons, in outcome- based sales the customer decides whether to make an investment based on comparing current and future state.
C.    In product-based sales the customer may or may not be aware of the opportunity or problem, in outcome-based sales the customer will answer questions to clarify pain points.
D.    In product -based sales the customer wants to hear about multiple solutions, in outcome -based sales the customer does not know value or benefit from a change.

Answer: AB

Which statement is true?

A.    Cloud services provide opportunities to reduce the cost of maintaining outdated technology.
B.    Cloud services are required by all companies who want to be competitive.
C.    Cloud services cost more in the long run.
D.    Cloud services take more resources to implement.

Answer: A

Which option is the outcome when you compare the current state of technology with the capabilities of emerging technologies?

A.    Create a plan to migrate using cloud technologies.
B.    Identify gaps that provide opportunities for new services and solutions.
C.    Identify gaps for upgrading Cisco products.
D.    Identify the new stakeholders.

Answer: B

KPIs are quantitative measurement of progress against the tactical goals of an organization. Which are three characteristics of KPIs? (Choose three.)

A.    KPIs must be strategic and tactical in nature
B.    KPIs can be financial, managerial, or operational
C.    KPIs measure progress against goals
D.    KPIs are set according to priorities: magnitude and urgency
E.    KPIs define what needs to happen to achieve desired results in the time, budget, and level of expected quality

Answer: BCE

Which option is a structured way to understand business landscape and context?

A.    business model canvas
B.    business outcomes canvas
C.    business model outcomes
D.    business canvas approach

Answer: A


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