What is CCNP 642-902 ROUTE Certification?

CCNP Route (642-902 ) exam is a one of the professional level exam from CISCO. CCNA is pre requisition for this exam. This CISCO exam replaced the old BSCI (642-901). This exam will help to deeply understanding the concepts of Routing . This exam Associated certification not only for CCNP it will help for CCIP and CCDP . Exam duration of the exam is 120 minutes. You have to answer 52 question.

The ROUTE 642-902 exam will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to use advanced IP addressing and routing in implementing scalable and secure Cisco ISR routers connected to LANs and WANs. The exam also covers configuration of secure routing solutions to support branch offices and mobile workers.

CCNP Route exam have around 52 question .There are 4 lab simulations and 5 drag and drop rest of them are objective type question only. Lab simulation is very important because it around 80-100 marks Most of the simulation are based up on the policy based routing ,EIGRP to OSPF redistribution, EIGRP stub, OSPF simulation .passing score for this exam is 790/1000 marks. Short command wont work in CISCO so exams don’t be panic.

Syllabus of CCNP ROUTE Certification

CCNP ROUTE exam replaced some of the topics from BSCI like IS_IS ,DHCP, Multicast
These are topics are covered in the new CCNP route:

Configuring and Implement and verify the EIGRP routing
Configuring and implementing and verify the OSPF, multi-area OSPF Network
Configuring and implementing and verify the e BGP design
Configuring and implementing and verify the IPv6 based solution
Configuring and implementing and verify IPv4 or IPv6 based redistribution solution
Configuring and implementing and verify Layer 3 Path Control Solution