Microsoft mb6-819 Real Exam Questions

AX 2009 Development Introduction

This certification exam measures your ability to understand and use the integrated development environment of Microsoft Dynamics AX and MorphX Development Suite. You will be tested in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Architecture, Data Dictionary, user interfaces and Report adjustments. You will also be measured in how to use X++, Classes, Control Statements, Database Access and Exception Handling.

1: What is IntelliMorph?
A.IntelliMorph is the Integrated Development Environment in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
B.IntelliMorph is the tool you use to create a new label file.
C.IntelliMorph is used when data from more than one table needs to be shown on a form or a report.
D.IntelliMoprh is the automatic layout generation of Forms, Reports and Menus.
Correct Answers: D

2: What is the most significant reason behind the ability to easily scale the number of concurrent users in Microsoft Dynamics AX2009?
A.Normalized database
B.Configuration Key system
C.Layer structure
D.AOS technology
Correct Answers: D

3: What will occur in Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 when a form is imported to the VAR layer, which already has modifications made to it in the USR layer?
A.The USR layer modifications will continue to be used.
B.The USR layer modifications will be deleted.
C.The USR layer will be overridden by the VAR layer.
D.The VAR layer modifications will be deleted.
Correct Answers: A

4: A customer needs to search for vendor data across several tables. How can this be done?
A.Set up the Data Crawler and use Global Search.
B.Use the Global Query function
C.Use the "Filter By Selection" function.
D.Use the "Filter by Field" function
Correct Answers: A

5: How are labels stored in Microsoft Dynamics AX?
A.In the ax*.ali files on the client
B.In the ax*.ali files on the AOS
C.In the ax*.ald files on the client
D.In the ax*.ald files on the application server.
Correct Answers: D

6: If you want to delete the entire USR-layer from Microsoft Dynamics AX2009, what files do you delete from the application folder?
A.All Axusr*.* files and the axapd.aoi file.
B.All *.aod files.
C.The axaod.usr file and the axapd.aoi file.
D.The Axusr.aoi and axusr.aot files.
Correct Answers: A

7: How should you change the label of an existing system field?
A.By modifying the existing label in the SYS label file.
B.By copying the object into a higher layer and then creating a new label in the SYP layer file.
C.By creating a new label in a new label file.
D.It cannot be done.
Correct Answers: C

8: What is the advantage of using indexes?
A.Indexes speed up inserts.
B.Indexes speed up selects.
C.Indexes use less data space in the database.
D.Indexes use less files in the database.
Correct Answers: B

9: Where can you drag and drop an extended data type to?
A.To a form design
B.To a table.
C.To a class.
D.To a form data source
Correct Answers: B

10: How can the StringSize property of a new extended data type, which is inherited from custAccount, be changed?
A.The StringSize of extended data types CANNOT be changed.
B.By changing the StringSize on custAccount
C.By changing the StringSize on the new extended data type.
D.By changing the StringSize on the top-level parent of the custAccount
Correct Answers: D

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