EMC E20-040 Real Exam Questions

E20-040 EMC Technolog Foundations Exam

Duration: 90 minutes  (60 questions)

This exam requires the successful candidate to be able to describe the architecture, theory of operations, features and technical value of EMC’s offerings; including Symmetrix and CLARiiON storage platform hardware and software; Connectrix, Celerra and Centera hardware and software; storage resource management, EMC’s virtualization products, business continuity, network management,  replication technology,  backup and recovery software, and Ionix IT Management products.

EMC provides free practice tests to assess your knowledge in preparation for the exam.  Practice tests allow you to become familiar with the topics and question types you will find on the proctored exam. 

Your results on a practice test offer one indication of how prepared you are for the proctored exam and can highlight topics on which you need to study and train further.  A passing score on the practice test does not guarantee a passing score on the certification exam

1: The administrator has configured a server with multiple paths to each logical volume. PowerPath is installed. A HBA failure has occurred. What value does PowerPath add in this configuration?
A.PowerPath will automatically run diagnostics on the HBA and log the results
B.The administrator will be able to replace the HBA without shutting down the system
C.The system will continue to operate in degraded mode
D.The system will continue to operate with no impact on performance
Correct Answers: C

2: Which Management Tool can be used to manage a TimeFinder environment?
A.EMC Control Center (ECC)
B.Navisphere Manager
C.Symmetrix Remote Data Facility
Correct Answers: A

3: Which DMX contains a Storage Processor Enclosure?
Correct Answers: A

4: What is the direction of data flow during a TimeFinder/Mirror Re-Establish operation?
A.BCV to Standard
B.Local mirror of BCV to Standard
C.Standard to BCV
D.Standard to local mirror of BCV
Correct Answers: C

5: What is the status of the data immediately after terminating the Clone relationship?
A.Destroyed on both the source and clone
B.Destroyed on the clone but not the source
C.Remains on the clone but not the source
D.Remains the same on the source and clone
Correct Answers: D

6: What is a valid EMC Fibre Channel topology?
C.Switched fabric
D.Token Ring
Correct Answers: C

7: What is true of the Clone during a synchronization?
A.Accepts all incoming I/Os
B.Accepts read only
C.Becomes read only
D.Rejects all incoming I/Os
Correct Answers: D

8: What is a characteristic of a Content Address in Centera?
A.Filesystem based
B.Globally unique
D.Sequentially based
Correct Answers: B

9: Which architecture type is Replication Manager/SE?
Correct Answers: D

10: What is the first step or event when storing an object in a Centera environment?
A.Centera stores the object
B.Content Address is retained for future reference
C.Object is sent to Centera via Centera API over IP
D.Unique Content Address is calculated
Correct Answers: D

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