Citrix 1Y0-A06 Real Exam Questions

Implementing Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0

The Implementing Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0 exam (A06) is divided into the following sections:

  • Planning a Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0 Implementation
  • Configuring the Initial Setup
  • Managing Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0
  • Maintaining Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0
  • Troubleshooting Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0

1: Which step must an administrator take before configuring administrative roles within a Provisioning Server environment?
A.Create an administrative service account
B.Create the administrative groups in Active Directory
C.Grant the farm administrator db_admin rights in SQL
D.Add the currently logged in user to the local administrator group
Correct Answers: B

2: Scenario: An administrator is planning a Provisioning Server 5.0 environment for a worldwide organization; there are four offices on two continents. The administrator intends to set up a different farm for each of the four office locations in North America and Europe. How many databases must the administrator plan for when setting up the Provisioning Server 5.0 environment?
A.Four databases, one for each farm
B.Two databases, one for each continent
C.One database to keep all vDisks centralized
D.Five databases, one for each farm and a back up
Correct Answers: A

3: For which purpose do target devices use TFTP?
A.To request and receive a boot file from the TFTP service
B.To request and receive the IP address of the TFTP server
C.To contact the Stream Service to stream a vDisk to the target device
D.To contact the least busy Provisioning Server to stream a vDisk to the target device
Correct Answers: A

4: According to best practices, what should an administrator do prior to installing Provisioning Server?
A.Set up a proxy DHCP
B.Set up the SOAP service
C.Disable spanning tree portfast mode
D.Assign a static IP address to each server
Correct Answers: D

5: Which DHCP option identifies the IP address of the TFTP service?
Correct Answers: B

6: An administrator is configuring a store that points to the UNC path of the Windows file share where the vDisks are stored. Which two store types could the administrator be configuring in this scenario? (Choose two.)
Correct Answers: A B

7: What are the four configuration requirements for a user or system account running the Stream Service? (Choose four.)
A.Registry read access
B.Registry read/write access
C.Domain administration rights
D.Read/write access to any vDisk location
E.Datareader/Datawriter permissions to the data store
F.Read/write access to C:\Program Files\Citrix\Provisioning Server
Correct Answers: A D E F

8: Scenario: An organization has several branch offices. Each branch office will have an administrator that manages target devices for their location. The farm administrator will oversee the branch office administrators and wishes to make role delegation simple and easy to manage. How should the farm administrator lay out the farm?
A.Configure a single farm store
B.Set up a farm for each branch location
C.Create sites according to branch location
D.Assign each branch location a farm administrator
Correct Answers: C

9: An administrator needs to ensure that all DHCP broadcasts are allowed through the routers in a network environment. What must the administrator do to ensure communication between target devices and the Provisioning Server are allowed through the routers in the network?
A.Configure options 66 and 67 on the DHCP server.
B.Configure the router using the ip helper command.
C.Enable spanning tree portfast mode on all switch ports.
D.Disable spanning tree protocol in the network environment.
Correct Answers: B

10: Scenario: An administrator wants to delegate management of a Provisioning Server farm. The administrator needs to delegate only these specific tasks:
1. Shut down target devices
2. Boot target devices
3. Send messages to target devices
Which role should the administrator assign for these tasks?
A.Device Operator
B.Site Administrator
C.Farm Administrator
D.Device Administrator
Correct Answers: A

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