New CCDP 642-874 Real Exam Questions

CCDP has been updated. The ARCH v2.1 course is available now through Cisco Learning Partners and the revised ARCH exam (642-874) will be available by the end of January 2011 at all Pearson VUE testing centers. ARCH exam 642-873 will continue to be available through May 11, 2011 and candidates who’ve taken the newly revised DESGN course should be well-prepared for either exam.

1: Which three of these are major scaling, sizing, and performance considerations for an IPsec design? (Choose three.)
A.connection speed
B.number of remote sites
C.features to be supported
D.types of devices at the remote site
E.whether packets are encrypted using 3DES or AES
F.number of routes in the routing table at the remote site
Correct Answers: A B C

2: Which two statements about SCSI are true? (Choose two.)
A.The bus is limited to 32 devices.
B.It is a full-duplex serial standard.
C.It is a half-duplex serial standard.
D.The bus is limited to 25 meters in length.
E.It allows up to 320 MB/s of shared channel bandwidth.
Correct Answers: C E

3: One of your customers is using the G.711 codec with 802.11a access point radios. This can support a maximum of how many phones per access point?
Correct Answers: C

4: A customer has seven sites, three of which process a large amount of traffic among them. The customer plans to grow the number of sites in the future. Which is the most appropriate design topology?
A.full mesh
C.partial mesh
D.hub and spoke
Correct Answers: C

5: Which statement about IDS/IPS design is correct?
A.An IPS should be deployed if the security policy does not support the denial of traffic.
B.An IDS analyzes a copy of the monitored traffic and not the actual forwarded packet.
C.Traffic impact considerations are increased when deploying an IDS over an IPS sensor.
D.Bandwidth considerations must be taken into account since IDS is deployed inline to traffic flow.
Correct Answers: B

6: Which two settings must be configured in order to use the GUI to configure Call Admission Control with voice applications? (Choose two.)
A.QoS must be set to Platinum
B.WMM must be enabled
C.QoS must be set to Gold
D.TSPEC must be disabled
E.Cisco Compatible Extensions must be disabled
Correct Answers: A B

7: At a certain customer’s site, a NAS is both physically and logically in the traffic path. The NAS identifies clients solely based on their MAC addresses. In which access mode has this NAS been configured to operate?
A.Layer 2 mode
B.Layer 3 Edge mode
C.Layer 3 Central mode
D.Layer 3 In-Band mode
Correct Answers: A

8: Which path selection protocol is used by Fibre Channel fabrics?
Correct Answers: C

9: Which of these statements best describes VPLS?
A.Neither broadcast nor multicast traffic is ever flooded in VPLS.
B.Multicast traffic is flooded but broadcast traffic is not flooded in VPLS.
C.VPLS emulates an Ethernet switch, with each EMS being analogous to a VLAN.
D.Because U-PE devices act as IEEE 802.1 devices, the VPLS core must use STP.
E.When the provider experiences an outage, IP re-routing restores PW connectivity and MAC re-learning is needed.
Correct Answers: C

10: How does ERS use the VLAN tag? provide service internetworking support transparency for Layer 2 frames a connection identifier to indicate destination a mapping to the DLCI in service internetworking provide a trunk by which all VLANs can navigate from one site to one or multiple sites
Correct Answers: C

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