IBM 000-119 Real Exam Questions

The Enterprise Storage Technical Specialist V2 consults with customers to analyze the customer’s needs, select the correct products, architect the solution, and plan the implementation.  This specialist also has a broad knowledge of the features, functions and benefits of IBM storage solutions and the IBM storage portfolio including disk, tape, storage management software, NAS, SAN and virtualization, as well as an understanding of competitive offerings used in the enterprise segment.  This knowledge includes both current and commonly occurring products typically encountered.  The specialist also requires general knowledge of IBM storage hardware and software solutions used outside the enterprise product set. 

Question: 1
All of the following RAID levels are available on an IBM System Storage DS8700 and D58800
with the exception of:
D. RAID 10
Answer: A

Question: 2
A mainframe customer has requested a proposal to replace an existing storage system. Which information does Disk Magic provide?
A. logical volume sizes
B. cache usage by application
C. storage processor utilization
D. disk capacity needed for FlashCopy
Answer: C

Question: 3
IBM SONAS provides extreme scale out capability, a globally clustered NAS file system built upon
Answer: B

Question: 4
Which of the following tools can be used to configure the IBM System Storage DS8000?
A. IBM Systems Director
B. Unisphere Management Suite
C. IBM System Storage Productivity Center (SSPC)
D. IBM Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool (SSCT)
Answer: C

Question: 5
A customer has a Fibre Channel switch residing in a configuration where both production and test data coexist. Which of the following is the simplest method for ensuring that the two types of data do not flow through the same port?
B. zoning
C. trunking
D. LUN masking
Answer: B

Question: 6
The customer is considering an IBM System Storage DS8000. Which of the following
indicates a requirement for the Business Partner to perform a TDA?
A. capacity above 500 TB
B. first in customer location
C. a new model has been released
D. sold without implementation service
Answer: B

Question: 7
Which of the following is a benefit of the IBM Long Term File System (LTFS)?
A. management of the library files
B. management of the encryption keys and archives
C. helps to reduce tape, file management and archive costs
D. helps to control the write speed matching on LTO-4 drives
Answer: C

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