CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Questions

CompTIA CTT+ is an international, vendor-neutral certification that covers core instructor skills, including preparation, presentation, communication, facilitation and evaluation in both a classroom and virtual classroom environment. Adobe, Dell, Microsoft, Novell and Ricoh recommend that their trainers be CompTIA CTT+ certified. The Training Associates also look for CompTIA CTT+ certification when hiring trainers.

It is the first day of a three-day computer course. One half of the learners are there on an involuntary basis and are irritated.
Which of the following describes what the instructor should do at the beginning of the course?

A.Inform the learners that they will not gain from the course unless they have a positive attitude.
B.Use humor and getting-acquainted games to nudge the learners into a better attitude.
C.Engage the learners in exercises that lead them to an understanding of how the course content can be useful to them.
D.Assure the learners that they would not be in the course unless their supervisors felt they needed the information for their jobs.
Answer: C

Refer to the following scenario:
John, an instructor, has been assigned a two-day entry-level computer class for 10 employees of a large corporation. During class introductions in the opening minutes of the course, the instructor notices that none of the learners are native speakers of English, the only language John speaks. The learners are clearly worried and apprehensive because of the language barrier and appear unwilling to participate in the course.
Which of the following actions by the trainer is most likely to ensure that these learners learn as much as possible in this situation?

A.Speak loudly so that the learners will be able to understand what is said.
B.Omit more difficult material because the learners probably will find the material too difficult.
C.Omit introductory and basic material to allow more time to explain more difficult material.
D.Cover course material at a pace that allows learners to feel comfortable and get involved.
Answer: D

In the middle of a well-organized lecture, an instructor is asked a question that is irrelevant to the lecture. The instructor informs the learner that the question is not pertinent of the topic.
Which of the following best describes the error the instructor has made in this situation?

A.Failure to implement a variety of instructional methods.
B.Failure to demonstrate flexibility in responding to learner needs
C.Inadequate planning for instruction.
D.Lack of planning to minimize distractions.
Answer: B

An instructor has just completed an instructional assignment which the instructor believes was less than successful. A variety of unexpected problems surfaced during the course, some of which were beyond the instructor’s control.
Each of the following difficulties should be reported to the training manager who schedules training sessions EXCEPT:

A.Logistical difficulties that resulted in learner absenteeism and lateness.
B.Equipment that failed to operate properly.
C.Course materials that did not match the needs of learners as the course progressed.
D.Facilities that were faulty and inadequate.
Answer: A

Having determined that some learners are unfamiliar with computers, the instructor gives these learners an overview of computers to familiarize them with the vocabulary and concepts before the start of the actual course.
Which of the following learner characteristics did the instructor take into consideration?

A.Prior knowledge
B.Group difference
C.Learning styles
D.Teaching styles
Answer: A

The next three questions are a set.
Select the appropriate instructional activity from the list below that would be most appropriate to guide instructional decision-making. Each choice may be used once, more than once, or not at all.
Fred is teaching a class that is making little progress. The learners are employees of two recently merged companies with very different corporate cultures. These differences have resulted in nonstop bickering that is not related to the course material.
Which approach should Fred use in this situation?

A.Manage group interactions and participation.
B.Make adjustments in learning materials.
C.Implement a variety of standard instructional methods.
D.Use media effectively.
Answer: A

According to ibstpi competency 4 concerning managing the time available for the course, the instructor is responsible for each of the following EXCEPT:

A.Allowing participants to take scheduled breaks.
B.Pacing activities in consideration of learner needs.
C.Adjusting instruction due to unanticipated time constraints.
D.Ensuring that participants attend each scheduled session.
Answer: D

For this question, decide whether the action makes it likely or unlikely that the trainer will achieve the goal. Select the best statement of the reason that the action is likely or unlikely to accomplish the goal.
GOAL: To use an effective opening that will raise the participants’ level of comfort and interest in an introductory computer course for support staff.
ACTION: Begin the session by relating a story about an ineffective presentation the instructor once made to a group of marketing managers.

A.LIKELY, because beginning the session with a personal story about a previous failure will earn learner respect.
B.LIKELY, because personal anecdotes relax the audience.
C.UNLIKELY, because this anecdote does not attempt to engage learner interest in the course.
D.UNLIKELY, because this group of learners did not personally known the marketing managers mentioned in the story.
Answer: C

Select the appropriate instructional activity from the list below that would be most appropriate to guide instructional decision-making. Each choice may be used once, more than once, or not at all.
Patrick is unusually youthful in appearance. When teaching groups of older learners, he has noticed that they are frequently reluctant to accept his competence to teach them.
Patrick has just received a teaching assignment for a group that he knows will be primarily bade up by learners 15 to 20 years older then he is.
In this situation, what should be Patrick’s first instructional priority?

A.Demonstrate acceptable personal conduct.
B.Demonstrate content expertise.
C.Demonstrate flexibility in response to learner needs and interests.
D.Demonstrate effective questioning techniques.
Answer: B

Which of the following is the most effective technique for a trainer to use to help learners relate course content to their individual job requirements?

A.Hand out a list of supplementary materials that can be ordered by telephone.
B.Give lectures that address how course material relates to several of the participants’ job-related tasks.
C.Assign an exercise in which the participants are asked to apply course elements to job-related tasks.
D.Break into small groups to brainstorm real-world applications for course content.
Answer: D

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