JN0-400 Real Exam Questions (Part 2)

Note: Highlight for Answers

1: What are two features of JUNOS software? (Choose two.)

A.JUNOS facilitates separate control and forwarding planes.
B.All processes use shared memory to make efficient use of available resources.
C.The functionality of JUNOS is made possible through multiple processes that are dependant on each other.
D.All processes run in their own protected memory space to prevent against complete system failure when a single process fails.
Correct Answers: A D

2: Which two statements are correct regarding the DHCP snooping feature on EX-series switches? (Choose two.)

A.DHCP snooping forwards DHCPACK messages from DHCP servers on untrusted interfaces.
B.DHCP snooping drops DHCPOFFER messages from DHCP servers on untrusted interfaces.
C.DHCP snooping drops DHCPDISCOVER messages from DHCP clients on trusted interfaces.
D.DHCP snooping treats access ports as untrusted interfaces and trunk ports as trusted interfaces by default.
Correct Answers: B D

3: Which statement is true regarding the EX-series file system?

A.The file system must be cleaned manually after every upgrade.
B.The file system must be cleaned manually before every upgrade.
C.Contents in the /var directory are automatically archived for future software rollbacks.
D.Contents in the /var directory are automatically removed upon a successful software upgrade.
Correct Answers: D

4: When configuring a redundant trunk group (RTG) on an interface, which restriction would apply?

A.The interface cannot be configured as a Layer 2 trunk.
B.The gratuitous-ARP-reply must be disabled on the interface.
C.Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) cannot be configured on the interface.
D.The interface must be configured as a Layer 3 interface with an assigned IP address.
Correct Answers: C

5: Which statement is true regarding J-Web access?

A.Only HTTP can be used to access J-Web.
B.J-Web access is available only through the me0 interface.
C.J-Web access uses the same authentication method as the CLI.
D.The web-management service is enabled in the factory-default configuration.
Correct Answers: C

6: Which statement is correct about Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI)?

A.DAI is configured on a per-port basis.
B.DAI is configured on a Layer 3 interface.
C.DAI requires DHCP snooping to be configured.
D.DAI disables the interface when an incorrect ARP packet is received.
Correct Answers: C

7: Which command shows the VRRP status for all interfaces?

A.show vrrp
B.show route vrrp
C.show vrrp terse
D.show interfaces vrrp
Correct Answers: A

8: Click the Exhibit button.
In the exhibit, to which hierarchy level will the user be directed based upon the last command issued?

B.[edit protocols]
C.[edit protocols ospf]
D.[edit protocols ospf area]
Correct Answers: C

9: Which two configuration options are valid methods for troubleshooting an EX-series switch? (Choose two.)

Correct Answers: B D

10: Which two major components make up the control and forwarding planes for an EX-series switch? (Choose two.)

A.Routing Engine
B.Switching Engine
C.Switching Fabric Module
D.Packet Forwarding Engine
Correct Answers: A D