E20-001 Real Exam Questions (Part 2)

Note: Highlight for Answers

1: Click on the Exhibit button. Which type of backup topology is shown in the exhibit?

Correct Answers: D

2: What is a set of CLARiiON disks used to provide storage space to a host?

A.Disk Array Enclosure
B.Disk Processor Enclosure
C.Logical Unit Number
D.RAID Group
Correct Answers: D

3: What are replicated in storage array based remote replication?

A.I/Os to source devices
B.Reads from source devices
C.Writes to source devices
D.Writes to target devices
Correct Answers: C

4: An application uses ten 9 GB devices. A full volume local replica of the application is required every 6 hours. Each replica will be kept for 24 hours. How many replica devices are required?

Correct Answers: D

5: What best describes a Fibre Channel SAN?

A.Dedicated storage network
B.Global interconnectivity network
C.Multi-protocol storage network
D.Multipurpose system network
Correct Answers: A

6: Which storage method will make data most accessible?

B.Magnetic Disk
C.Optical disk
Correct Answers: B

7: What is a feature of Internal DAS?

A.File level I/O utilization
B.High CPU I/O utilization
C.Local storage provisioning
D.Simultaneous volume level operating system accessibility
Correct Answers: C

8: Which aspect of monitoring will allow you to predict the possible failure of FC Switch ports before the ports actually fail?

Correct Answers: C

9: What are the three key data center management activities that are interdependent?’
A.Installation, Configuration, Problem Solving
B.Manageability, Integrity, Cost
C.Provisioning, Monitoring, Reporting
D.Scalability, Accessibility, Security
Correct Answers: C

10: What is host memory?

A.Connection for parallel communication devices
B.Control point for all host activities and resources
C.High speed interconnect between the CPU and memory
D.Temporary location for commands and data
Correct Answers: D

11: Which remote replication method is most affected by the distance between source and target?

B.Disk buffering
C.Log shipping
Correct Answers: D

12: Which Celerra component is used to manage and configure the NAS solution?

A.Control Station
B.Data Mover
C.Disk Array Enclosure
D.Storage Processor
Correct Answers: A

13: When is it necessary to hold application I/O to ensure a consistent copy?

A.Just after creating a point in time replica
B.Just before creating a point in time replica
C.Only when an application spans multiple hosts
D.Only when an application spans multiple storage arrays
Correct Answers: B

14: Which statement is true about iSCSI names?

A.Every initiator or target has a unique iSCSI name
B.iSCSI name is derived from the IP address
C.Only a target requires an iSCSI name
D.Only an initiator requires an iSCSI name
Correct Answers: A

15: What is a standard layer that resides between managed objects and management software?

Correct Answers: D