1Y0-A05 Real Exam Questions (Part 2)

Note: Highlight for Answers

1: After creating a XenApp Web site, an administrator must configure the __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A.farm zone
B.name of the farm
C.name of one or more servers in the farm
D.name of published applications accessible through the site
Correct Answers: B C

2: Scenario: An administrator implemented a Web Interface/Secure Gateway solution as shown in the attached exhibit. The firewall administrator requested information on which ports are required to be opened between the Secure Gateway/Web Interface server and the Citrix XenApp servers. Which two of the listed ports may need to be opened to allow users to launch an application and why? (Choose two.)

A.Port 1494 for ICA traffic
B.Port 2512 for IMA traffic
C.Port 2513 for IMA traffic
D.Port 2598 for session reliability
E.Port 27000 for Citrix XenApp licensing
Correct Answers: A D

3: Scenario: An administrator has a small Citrix XenApp farm. All users will access the farm through Web Interface. A small number of users have laptops and will require offline access to office applications as well as hosted applications.Which two steps are required to configure the Web Interface? (Choose two.)

A.Create a XenApp Web site.
B.Create a XenApp Services site.
C.Ensure the resource type is set to remote.
D.Ensure the resource type is set to streaming.
E.Ensure the resource type is set to dual mode streaming.
Correct Answers: B E

4: Scenario: An administrator wants to implement the Citrix Secure Gateway so that remote users can access their applications securely over the Web. There is a separate Secure Gateway and Web Interface server that is in a single-hop DMZ. There are 20 Citrix XenApp servers on the internal LAN hosting three applications. The administrator decided to use an internal Certification Authority to generate a signed certificate. In order to establish a successful client connection through Citrix Secure Gateway, an administrator should install __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct statements to complete the sentence.)

A.a root server certificate on a client machine
B.a server certificate on a Web Interface server
C.a server certificate on a Secure Gateway server
D.a root server certificate on a Web Interface server
Correct Answers: A C

5: The Web Interface server communicates directly with which component in the Citrix XenApp farm to obtain application lists?

A.Data store
B.Data Collector
C.Secure Gateway
D.Citrix XML Service
Correct Answers: D

6: Scenario: Users complained that they cannot launch an application when connecting through a XenApp Web site. They are able to authenticate and can see their list of published applications; however, they cannot launch an application. The users receive an error message stating that no server can be found at the location specified. What is a possible cause of this issue?

A.The Data Collector is down.
B.The users have authenticated against the wrong domain.
C.The Citrix XenApp server does NOT have pass-through enabled.
D.The XenApp Web site is reporting the wrong Citrix XenApp server address.
Correct Answers: D

7: Scenario: Following the acquisition of a small publishing firm, an administrator integrated the applications of the acquired firm into the existing Citrix XenApp farm. Users who access the published application are now reporting that the quality of the graphics have degraded significantly. These users connect over a WAN link from their offices to the Citrix XenApp farm. It is crucial that users of the published applications do NOT have their image quality degraded. Which step should the administrator take to resolve this?

A.Disable TWAIN Redirection.
B.Disable SpeedScreen Image Acceleration.
C.Set the Image Acceleration compression level to medium.
D.Enable heavyweight compression in the SpeedScreen policy rule.
Correct Answers: B

8: Scenario: An administrator configured a session bandwidth policy. The administrator set a maximum bandwidth rule of 200 Kbps and placed a 50 Kbps and a 30% restriction on the audio channel.The effective bandwidth for the audio channel will be __________ Kbps. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
Correct Answers: B

9: Some users in the Finance department experience delays when opening published Microsoft Outlook e-mails that are in HTML format and contain graphics. Which SpeedScreen solution should be configured to optimize the user experience and how?

A.Browser Acceleration at the client level
B.Latency Reduction at the application level
C.Latency Reduction at the server farm level
D.Browser Acceleration at the server farm level
Correct Answers: D

10: Scenario: An administrator decided to make a number of video-based training packages available to the Finance department through Citrix XenApp. The Citrix XenApp farm silo’s its applications and all Finance applications are in the Finance application silo. Other application silos include Technical, Sales and Workflow.Where can an administrator enable multimedia optimization for the finance training applications?

A.Server properties
B.Server farm properties
C.A policy applied to all Finance users
D.A policy applied to all servers in the Finance application silo
Correct Answers: A

11: Sound Quality, Special Folder Redirection and Turn off LPT ports are part of which set of rules in a policy?

B.Service Level
C.Client Devices
D.User Workspace
Correct Answers: C

12: Scenario: An administrator recently deployed a new application to allow doctors to access patient radiology images from any desktop within their regional health network. The doctors are complaining about the lack of quality of the radiology images and the time it takes to load them.Which SpeedScreen technology will resolve this issue?

A.Latency Reduction
B.Progressive Display
C.Browser Acceleration
D.Multimedia Acceleration
Correct Answers: B

13: Scenario: Currently, a Citrix XenApp farm at an organization does NOT silo applications. Users are reporting that web-based training animations are NOT smooth and are difficult to view.What is the quickest method an administrator can use to optimize the animations?

A.Create a new policy.
B.Modify ICA-tcp security configurations.
C.Modify SpeedScreen Flash Acceleration in the farm properties.
D.Configure SpeedScreen Progressive Display in the server properties.
Correct Answers: C

14: Scenario: An administrator is planning a Citrix XenApp deployment. Clients will be newly-installed with the deployment of Citrix XenApp.
Based on the reequirements listed below, identify which client component will meet each requirement.
Click the Help button for instructions on how to complete a Drag and Drop item.
Drag the appropriate client component that will meet each listed requirement. A single client component may be used more than once.

15: Which tool should an administrator use to manage policies in a Citrix XenApp farm?

A.Access Management Console
B.Microsoft Management Console
C.Terminal Services Configuration
D.XenApp Advanced Configuration
Correct Answers: D


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