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What is the CLI command to enable Access Logix?

A.    naviseccli -h <SP_name> accesslogix -on
B.    naviseccli -h <SP_name> storagegroup -enable
C.    naviseccli -h <SP_name> accesslogix -enable
D.    naviseccli -h <SP_name> storagegroup -on

Answer: B
The CLI equivalent is the command “naviseccli -h <SP_name> storagegroup -enable”. Once enabled, Access Logix can be disabled only via the CLI command “naviseccli -h <SP_name> sc_off “

During the installation process of a VNX for Block and File system, you are prompted to change
passwords for the default accounts. Which user password can be changed?

A.    sysadmin
B.    administrator
C.    admin
D.    storageadmin

Answer: A

Which Unisphere wizard can automatically allocate all available disk storage and present it as private LUNs?

A.    Disk Provisioning Wizard for File
B.    Celerra Setup Wizard
C.    Backend Bus Reset Wizard
D.    File System Wizard

Answer: A

A storage administrator configured a SnapSure snapshot schedule for a heavily utilized productions file system. According to the schedule, three snapshots are to be created per hour, with the first snapshot created at one minute past the hour. After an hour, the administrator noticed that the first snapshot was not created on time. What is the cause of this issue?

A.    The VNX for File has experienced a network outage
B.    The VNX for File database backup has started in the background.
C.    The PFS SavVol has run out of space
D.    The HWM was not configured manually for Auto Extension

Answer: B

Which condition would prevent a VNX SnapSure baseline snapshot from being refreshed?

A.    When the baseline snapshot refresh is not supported.
B.    When an existing, writeable snapshot is present
C.    When the baseline snapshot has not been unmounted first.
D.    When the SavVol cannot be auto-extended.

Answer: B
Any writeable snapshot must be deleted before the baseline is deleted. Writeable snapshots and their baselines cannot be refreshed or be part of a snapshot schedule.

What is the preferred method for partition VNX FC LUNs attached to a Windows Server 2008 R2 host?

A.    Disk Management
B.    fdisk
C.    vtoc
D.    format

Answer: A

Which failover mode must be configured to use vStorage APIs for Array Integrate (VAAI) functionality?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    2
D.    4

Answer: D
•    VAAI-compliant array firmware
On EMC Unified the ALUA mode (failover=4) must be configured

Before creating a CIFS server that will participate in a Windows Domain, what EMC best practice should you follow?

A.    Populating DNS with the new host entries
B.    Configuring NTP synchronization with a KDC
C.    Performing a health check on the VNX system
D.    Creating placeholder entries in the Active Directory

Answer: B
There are some preparation steps needed for CIFS. Windows Active Directory uses Kerberos authentication and it is time-sensitive. It is a best practice to configure the Data Mover to acquire its time from a server on the network using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to ensure it is in time synchronization with the Key Distribution Center (KDC).

A user is preparing to install a disk drive. Where can they verify that the disk drive is compatible with the VNX system?

A.    VNX Series Disk and OE Matrix
B.    VNX Procedure Generator
C.    Uniphere
D.    USM

Answer: A

You are migrating a LUN within a VNX series array to an equal size LUN but with a different RAID type. Which step is required to start using the new LUN?

A.    Ensure the size of the destination LUN is equal to or greater than the source LUN
B.    Quiesce the host prior to final cut-over
C.    Nothing The migration process is non-disruptive.
D.    Ensure the LUN is in the proper storage group at the time of cut-over

Answer: C

Which is the EMC-recommended cache page size for Microsoft Exchange 2007 environments?

A.    4KB
B.    8KB
C.    12 KB
D.    16KB

Answer: B

Which tool is used for scripting SnapView commands in a VNX system?

A.    Secure CLI
B.    Unisphere Service Manager
C.    Admsnap utility
D.    Snapsure software

Answer: C

Which tool is used to complete the initialization of only a VNX System for Block?

A.    Unisphere Storage System Initialization Wizard
B.    VNX Installation Assistant
C.    Unisphere Server Utility
D.    Unisphere Service Manager

Answer: A
Vnx installation assistant is used for the vnx unified (block and file)

Where are CIFS audit policies configured?

A.    Uniphere, under Settings > Target Share > Properties > Advanced
B.    VNX Data Mover management MMC snap-in
C.    Unisphere, under Settings > Monitoring & Alerts
D.    Command line, through the server_security command

Answer: B

What will prevent a storage administrator from deleting a storage group?

A.    The presence of MirrorView target LUNs in the storage group
B.    The presence of hosts in the storage group
C.    The presence of MirrorView source LUNs in the storage group
D.    The presence of LUNs in the storage group

Answer: B
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