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If the Citrix IMA service fails to restart, how should an administrator resolve the issue?

A.    Open the MF20.DSN file and verify the workstation ID
B.    Open a command prompt and type DSMAINT CONFIG
C.    Open the Access Management Console and run Discovery
D.    Open a command prompt and type DSMAINT RECREATELHC

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
In order for the Web Interface server to correctly work with the Access Gateway Enterprise configuration in the attached exhibit, the administrator must configure the authentication point at ______________.

A.    LDAP
C.    The Web Interface
D.    The Access Gateway

Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator installed and configured Secure Gateway and Web Interface in an environment. The administrator configured the required Web Interface server settings in the Secure Gateway settings.Which access method should the administrator configure so that users can connect through Secure Gateway to access published applications on Web Interface?

A.    Alternate
B.    Translated
C.    Gateway Direct
D.    Gateway Translated

Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator configures a Citrix XenApp environment with a load balanced application, App1. Users identify that they cannot access App1; however, they are able to access other applications. An administrator needs to check the application load.Which command should the administrator use to check the application load?


Answer: A

Scenario: an administrator used the Server Configuration Tool to install a Microsoft SQL Server Express data store database automatically as part of a XenApp6.5 farm installation. The initial configuration considered of a single zone and serves in a single physical location. The administrator added an equal number of servers and users to the farm at a second physical location over a WAN.
Which action would require the administrator to migrate the data store database from Microsoft SQL Server Express to Microsoft SQL server?

A.    Adding an additional zone to the farm
B.    Replicating the data store to a second database
C.    Moving the datastore from local storage to SAN storage
D.    Adding the configuration logging database to the same SQL server

Answer: B

Which Citrix service directly depends on the IMA service?

A.    WMI
B.    Licensing
C.    XTE Server
D.    Print Manager

Answer: A

Scenario: Users in a Citrix XenApp farm stream published applications across two subnets; the application profiles are located in subnet A. Users on subnet B complain that the length of time it takes to stream applications initially to their client devices is too long. Which two steps should an administrator take to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure the users on subnet B with offline access
B.    Place a copy of the profile on a file share in subnet B
C.    Place a copy of the profile on the client devices in subnet B
D.    Configure the published application to use an alternate profile location

Answer: BD

Which action should the administrator take to allow local administrators to manage auto-created ICA printers?

A.    Modify the Farm Properties within the Access Management Console
B.    Modify the security options within the ICA listener of the Citrix XenApp servers
C.    Modify the XenApp Security policy within XenApp Advanced Configuration tool
D.    Modify the value of DefaultPrnFlags in the registry of the Citrix XenApp servers

Answer: D

In a Citrix XenApp farm, the Citrix XenApp servers are geographically separated by WAN links.For which scenario should an administrator implement data store replication?

A.    There are multiple zones in a farm
B.    Servers take a long time to shutdown
C.    There is a need to overcome high latency WAN issues
D.    Applications in the farm do NOT open when launched from all servers

Answer: C

An administrator would like to have the most up-to-date hotfixes and service packs installed on servers in an environment, as recommended by Citrix best practices. How can the administrator find the most up-to-date XenApp hotfix and service pack information?

A.    Use the “Windows Update” site in Windows Server 2008
B.    Use the “Report Center” in the Access Management Console
C.    Use the “Hotfix List” in the XenApp Advanced Configuration tool
D.    Use “Visit Citrix Critical Hotfixes and Service Packs Web page” in the Access Management Console

Answer: D

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