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A Linux administrator needs to change the permission on a script so that he owner has permission to execute.
Which of the following BEST accomplishes this task?

A. Chmod ug=script,sh
B. Chmod u+x script,sh
C. Chmod -x script,sh
D. Chmod 0644 script,sh

Answer: A

Administrators needs to copy a local hard drive’s contents, master boot record, and partition table onto a remote server securely.
Which of he following BEST allows the administrator to do this?


Answer: A

An administrator recently installed a second NIC in a server to interact with machines in an isolated enclave. However, the networking on the server has not worked since it was installed. The administrator reviews the following output:

Which of the following should be the FIRST action to remediate the issue?

A. Add a new route for each device in the isolated enclave
B. Set the ipv4.never-default attribute to yes for the new interface, enp0s4
C. Change DEFROUTE to no for the new interface and restart the networking
D. Restart the firewall to ensure traffic is handed appropriately

Answer: A

Which of the following a a fie that can define how to build deploy and mstaf various components for a Linux application hosted m a cloud environment?

C. Virsh

Answer: B

A Linux administrator wants to resolve a remote server name locally. When of the following files should the administrator modify?

A. /etc/hosts
B. /etc/resorv.conf
C. /etc/network
D. /ett/rpc

Answer: A

An administrator is utilizing an automation engine than uses SSH to run commands on remote systems. Which of the following does this describe?

A. Inventory
B. Agentless architecture
C. Build automation
D. Version control

Answer: B

Which of the following commands adds a bootioader that will allow an administrator lo boot to a specific kernel version?

A. mkinitrd
B. dracut
C. grub2-install
D. grub2-mkconfig

Answer: A

An administrator attempted to save large files in a directory but was unsuccessful.
Which of the following is the NEXT step to nvesbgate the issue?

A. Share -h
B. Size -h
C. Swap -h
D. Df -h

Answer: D

A user submitted a ticket stating that the development environment is reporong the device does not have any space left. The user’s application creates a lot of small files and does not remove these files when the application crashes. Given the following output:

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause for the error message indicating a lack of space?

A. There are no free nodes
B. SELinux is running
C. The application output is too large
D. Directory permissions are too restrictive

Answer: A

A technician wants to configure a Unix server as a gateway firewall. The technician has implemented the proper ACLs and port address translation policies, but network traffic is not passing from the LAN to the WAN.
Which of the following should the technician configure to for this issue?

A. DenyHouse
B. Squid-service
C. Ip_forward
D. /etc/service

Answer: A

A systems administrator needs to write a script that performs unattended package upgrades.
Which of the following flags should be used with either yum or apt to meet this goal?

A. -u
B. -q
C. -y
D. -d

Answer: A

A systems administrator a retting an HTTPO server on a Linux server and configuring as a proxy server. The administrator runs the following commands to venfy that the service is running:

However, the administrator is getting a 503 error when browsing to portal.company. internal.
After reviewing the logs, the following error information is discovered:

Which of the following commands BEST resolves the issue?

A. sentforce 0
B. susearch -m USER_LOGIN -sv no
C. grep http /var/log/audit/audit,log| audit2why
D. setsebool -p httpd_can_network_connect 1

Answer: A

A user does not want Bluetooth to start up every time the system starts.
Which of the following commands should the user execute to accomplish this task?

A. Systemctl disabled Bluetooth.service
B. Systemctl disable Bluetooth. Service
C. System stop Bluetooth.service
D. System stopped Bluetooth.service

Answer: B

Joe is no longer employed by a company and Ann is taking over his protects several team members work out of the project directory inducing Ann. The administrator needs to assign ownership of all of Joe’s files in the /project directory to Ann.
Which of the following should the administrator run to accomplish this task?

A. Restorecon ­f joe ann ­r /projects
B. Chown ­R joe,ann /projects
C. Find /project ­user joe ­exec chown ann { } /;
D. Locate / projects | grep joe | chown ­R jeo ­f-

Answer: C

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