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New Question
Which two statements about DNS support on Cisco NX-OS are true? (Choose 2)

A. To map domain names to IP addresses in Cisco NX-OS, you must first identify the host names, then specify a name server, and enable the DSN Service.
B. Cisco NX-OS does not allow you to statically map IP addresses to domain names.
C. You can configure Cisco NX-OS to use only one domain name server to find an IP address for a host name.
D. Cisco NX-OS supports stateless restarts for the DNS client. After a reboot or supervisor switchover, Cisco NX-OS applies the running configuration.
E. You have to configure a new VRF for DNS client, default VRF cannot be used.

Answer: AD

New Question
Which two options are best practices when registering Cisco UCS Manager to UCS Central? (Choose 2)

A. Ensure that the UCS Domain and UCS Central are in the same Layer 2 domain.
B. Ensure that NTP is configured on the UCS Domain and UCS Central.
C. Use an IP address for UCS Domain when registering.
D. Ensure that the independent local time source is used for UCS Domain and UCS Central.
E. Use a fully qualified domain name for UCS Domain.

Answer: BE

New Question
Which option is a data modeling language used to model configuration and state data of network elements.


Answer: B

New Question
Which two statements about IP Source Guad are true? (Choose 2)

A. IP Source Guard is independent of DHCP snooping to build and maintain the IP-MAC address binding table.
B. By default, IP Source Guard is enabled on all interfaces.
C. When you first enable IP Source Guard on an interface, you may experience disruption in IP traffic until the hosts on the interface receive a new IP address from a DHCP server.
D. IP Source Guard requires that DHCP snooping is disable.
E. IP Source Guard limits IP traffic on an interface to only those sources that have an IP-MAC address binding table entry or static IP source entry.

Answer: CE

New Question
In a Cisco ACI environment. Which option best describes “contracts”?

A. to determine endpoint group membership status
B. named groups of related endpoints
C. a set of interaction rules between endpoint groups.
D. Layer 3 forwarding domain

Answer: C

New Question
Which two statements about FabricPath are true? (Choose 2)

A. Traffic can only be forwarded form the root switch an FirstHop Redundancy Protocols.
B. STP does run inside a FabricPath network.
C. The F Series modules do not support multiple SPAN destination ports or virtual SPAN.
D. FabricPath does not require an Enhanced Layer 2 Package licence.
E. FabricPath interfaces carry only FabricPath-encapsulated traffic.

Answer: CE

New Question
Which three service request states are valid in Cisco UCS Director service request execution state? (Choose 3)

A. failed
B. listening
C. scheduled
D. running
E. on hold
F. debugging

Answer: ACD

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. When you attempt to apply a new service profile in Cisco UCS Manager, you presented with these error messages. Which cause is the most problems?

A. The service profile is using more vHBAs then the physical adapter can support.
B. No more UUIDs are available in the pool to be assigned.
C. The service profile is tied to a server pool that has no available blades.
D. The service profile is using more vNICs than the physical adapter can support.

Answer: C

New Question
Within Platform as a Service. Which two components are managed by the customer? (choose 2)

A. application
B. networking
C. middleware
D. data
E. operating system

Answer: AD

New Question
Which three options can be used to determine REST API code to create an EPG? (Choose 3)

A. Perform HTTP GET method on https:// <apic IP>/doc/epg.xml which will return you necessary data to create EPG.
B. Call epgCreate() function in Cobra API standard library
C. using the show EPG Configuration on the CLI of the APIC
D. by downloading the xml configuration file and looking up an EPG configuration
E. using the APIC management information tree
F. using the API inspector when creating a test EPG

Answer: CEF

New Question
You must send an email after Cisco UCS Director completes a particular operation. When two steps to implement this functionality are most appropriate? (Choose 2)

A. Configure Mail Setup in Cisco UCS Director Administration > System settings.
B. Write the appropriate method in XML and pass the email parameters to it.
C. Implement Python code in the workflow to send an email.
D. Use WebSockets and subscribe to events from Cisco UCS Director.
E. Use Cloupia Script to send an email.

Answer: AE

New Question
Cisco UCS Director provides a feature to facilitate acquisition of API information and help with API code generation. Which option accesses this feature?

A. Download the ucsd-rest-api-sdk-x.x.0.0.zip from the Cisco.com software download area or the DevNet site.
B. Enable the Developer tools in your web browser.
C. Access the REST API browser in the Cisco UCS Director GUI.
D. Retrieve the list of available services using /app/api/

Answer: C

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