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Which two attributes need to match for two switches to become members of the same MST region? (Choose two.)

A.    the table of 4096 elements that map the respective VLAN to STP instance number
B.    VTP version
C.    configuration revision number
D.    native VLAN ID

Answer: AC
The final implementation adopted by the IEEE 802.1s standard made this mechanics more elegant and simple. Before we process with discussing IEEE’s implementation, let’s define MSTP region as a collection of switches, sharing the same view of physical topology partitioning into set of logical topologies. For two switches to become members of the same region, the following attributes must match:
Configuration name.
Configuration revision number (16 bit value).
The table of 4096 elements that map the respective VLANs to STP instance numbers.

An administrator of a peer-to-peer server application reports that the maximum bandwidth that his application receives is 90 Mb/s. You have an 8-port, 100-Mb/s EtherChannel bundle on the switching infrastructure between the two servers, resulting in a bidirectional throughput of more than what is recorded. Which two solutions would allow for more bandwidth for the application? (Choose two.)

A.    change the EtherChannel default hashing algorithm from XOR to use source port Layer 4 port
load balancing to better load balance the traffic
B.    change the EtherChannel default hashing algorithm from XOR to use destination Layer 4 port
load balancing to better load balance the traffic
C.    have the application recoded to use multiple connections instead of a single connection so
EtherChannel can better load balance the traffic
D.    upgrade the CPU and memory of the compute devices so they can better process traffic
E.    upgrade the EtherChannel bundle to a single gigabit link because EtherChannel is not well suited
for single-connection traffic

Answer: CE

Which two are natively included by the IEEE 802.1w standard? (Choose two.)

A.    instances can control a selection of VLANs
B.    load balancing
C.    fast transition to forwarding state
D.    backbone, uplink, and portfast (or equivalent)
E.    root, loop, and BPDU guard (or equivalent)

Answer: CD
802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) has a drawback of slow convergence. Cisco Catalyst switches support three types of STPs, which are PVST+, rapid-PVST+ and MST. PVST+ is based on IEEE802.1D standard and includes Cisco proprietary extensions such as BackboneFast, UplinkFast, and PortFast. Rapid-PVST+ is based on IEEE 802.1w standard and has a faster convergence than 802.1D. RSTP (IEEE 802.1w) natively includes most of the Cisco proprietary enhancements to the 802.1D Spanning Tree, such as BackboneFast and UplinkFast. Rapid-PVST+ has these unique features:
Uses Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) version 2 which is backward compatible with the 802.1D STP, which uses BPDU version 0.
All the switches generate BPDUs and send out on all the ports every 2 seconds, whereas in 802.1D STP only the root bridge sends the configuration BPDUs.
Port Roles–Root port, designated port, alternate port and backup port.
Port States–Discarding, Learning, and Forwarding.
Port Types–Edge Port (PortFast), Point-to-Point and Shared port. Rapid-PVST uses RSTP to provide faster convergence. When any RSTP port receives legacy 802.1D BPDU, it falls back to legacy STP and the inherent fast convergence benefits of 802.1w are lost when it interacts with legacy bridges.

Which three statements are true about policing? (Choose three.)

A.    Out-of-profile packets are queued.
B.    It causes TCP retransmits.
C.    Marking and remarking are not supported.
D.    It does not respond to BECN and foresight messages.
E.    It uses a single- and two-bucket mechanism for metering.

Answer: BDE
http://books.google.com.pk/books?id=eLa5crPXSOYC&pg=PA642&lpg=PA642&dq=policing+causes+TCP+retransmits&source=bl&ots=KezstlVBgx&sig=HhykMycdtbgEVwP30wqd5yJ3ZCE&hl=en&sa=X&ei=eiTLUeX3PIeL7Aa4k4BA&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=policing%20causes%20TCP%20retransmits& f=false

Which command can be used to filter a RIPv6 route from getting installed in the routing table?

A.    ipv6 router rip ccie
B.    ipv6 router rip ccie
C.    interface e0/0
ipv6 rip ccie distribute-list..
D.    interface e0/0
ipv6 rip ccie advertise..

Answer: A

Which three are needed to run VRF lite for IPv6 on a router? (Choose three.)

A.    VRF definition for IPv6
B.    MP BGP for IPv6
C.    LDP
D.    VRF-enabled routing protocol
E.    VRF-enabled interface

Answer: ADE

Which information will the Cisco IOS command show ip ospf rib display?

A.    only the local OSPF routes
B.    only the OSPF routes installed in the routing table
C.    only the remotely learned OSPF routes
D.    all the OSPF routes from the OSPF database that are eligible to be put in the routing table

Answer: D

What is the Cisco IOS command to turn on explicit null forwarding by LDP?

A.    ldp explicit-null
B.    mpls forwarding explicit-null
C.    mpls ldp advertise-labels explicit null
D.    mpls ldp explicit-null

Answer: D
When you issue the mpls ldp explicit-null command, Explicit Null is advertised in place of Implicit Null for directly connected prefixes.
1. enable
2. configure terminal
3. mpls ip
4. mpls label protocol {ldp | tdp | both}
5. interface type number
6. mpls ip
7. exit
8. mpls ldp explicit-null [for prefix-acl | to peer-acl | for prefix-acl to peer-acl]
9. exit
10. show mpls forwarding-table [network {mask | length} | labels label [- label] | interface interface | next-hop address | lsp-tunnel [tunnel-id]] [vrf vpn-name] [detail] Reference

How does an IPv6 router deal with a packet that is larger than the outgoing interface MTU?

A.    It will fragment the packet at Layer 2.
B.    It will fragment the packet at Layer 3.
C.    It will drop the packet and send an ICMPv6 message “packet too big” back to the source.
D.    It will drop the packet.

Answer: C

What does a unicast prefix-based IPv6 multicast address start with?

A.    FF80
B.    FF3
C.    FF
D.    FF7

Answer: B

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