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Virtualization software transforms the hardware resources of a physical computer to create a fully functional virtual computer that can run its own operating systems and applications. In addition to the CPU and RAM, which hardware resources are used by virtualization software?

A.    Hard disk and USB devices
B.    Hard disk and network devices
C.    Virtual hard disk and network devices
D.    Network devices and secondary storage devices

Answer: B

John is the network administrator for a small company. The company’s network equipment has become outdated, and John has been asked to recommend a plan to update the company’s infrastructure. John has read extensively about the many advantages of using cloud-based services. Which of the following is an advantage of cloud-based services that John could cite to support his recommendation?

A.    Unlimited service options and choices
B.    Higher security in a cloud-based environment
C.    Elimination of need for high-speed Internet connection
D.    Elimination of equipment purchase and maintenance

Answer: D

Cloud-computing enables mobile devices to provide users with access to a wide variety of applications and services. Which of the following is a disadvantage of mobile devices?

A.    Mobile devices cannot accommodate Web browsing.
B.    Mobile devices cannot easily be used for checking e-mail.
C.    Mobile devices cannot access software hosted on remote servers.
D.    Mobile devices cannot accommodate large database installations or applications.

Answer: D

You have recently purchased a new wireless router. You would like to configure a name for your wireless network so that you can easily identify it when scanning available wireless networks. Which term describes this wireless network device name?

A.    Default gateway
B.    Wireless access point (AP)
C.    Access Point Identifier (API)
D.    Service Set Identifier (SSID)

Answer: D

You are creating a style sheet to format the pages on your company’s Web site. One section will have a black background with white text. What is the hexadecimal reference you would use to specify the text color for this portion of the Web page?

A.    "white"
B.    #000000
D.    "255, 255, 255"

Answer: C

Which of the following statements about virtualization is true?

A.    Virtualization enables multiple physical computers to run off of a single virtualized server.
B.    In virtualization, you run multiple virtual machines, provided they all use the same operating system.
C.    In virtualization, the operating systems of the virtual machines should match the host operating system.
D.    Virtualization enables you to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer.

Answer: D

Which line of code instructs the browser to look for a directory named my site that begins one level higher than the page you are currently viewing?

A.    mysite/index.html
B.    /mysite/index.html
C.    . ./mysite/index.html

Answer: C

A user is submitting data from a form on your Web page to a database using a CCI script. Which attribute of the form field elements organizes the user’s information into name=value pairs?

A.    Name
B.    Form
C.    Value
D.    Method

Answer: A

Which is the preferred approach to communicate important action items in an e-mail message to a co-worker?

A.    Write the action items using all capital letters.
B.    List the action items in a numbered or bulleted list for clarity.
C.    Include emoticons to ensure the recipient understands your humor.
D.    Describe all action items at length in a detailed paragraph in the middle of the message.

Answer: B

Digital signatures verify the integrity of the data, verify the identity of the sender, and:

A.    Provide data confidentiality.
B.    Enforce non-repudiation.
C.    Sign digital certificate requests.
D.    Create certificate requests.

Answer: B

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