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You are using an e-mail client that you are unfamiliar with. You need to send an e-mail with an attachment but you do not see a feature labeled "attachment" anywhere on the client. What icon should you look for that is commonly used to invoke the e-mail attachment option?

A.    Lock
B.    Folder
C.    Checkmark
D.    Paperclip

Answer: D

Web developers typically include comments in their code for which reason?

A.    To insert server-side programs, such as JavaScript
B.    To communicate performance issues to site visitors
C.    To explain the purpose of code sections to other developers
D.    To declare which version of HTML each part of the code is using

Answer: C

Prior to HTML5, structuring a Web site using style sheets with the <dlv> tag and its, attribute has been an acceptable practice to govern the document’s structure. With the emergence of HTML5, what five new elements were introduced for more effectiveness?

A.    <nav>, <article>, <aside>, <header>, <footer>
B.    <nav>, <header>, <footer>, <body>. <footnote>
C.    <nav>, <banner>, <article>, <header>, <footer>
D.    <nav>, <banner>, <body>, <footer>, <sideimage>

Answer: A

Selena needs to send a message to her manager providing all the details of a business proposal. The idea they have discussed is critical to the business. The project is considered urgent and confidential. Selena wants to get this outline to her manager as quickly as possible. What would be the most appropriate way Selena could use an SMS (text) message in relation to this proposal?

A.    To send a useful summary of the proposal to her manager so that the manager has it available during
a presentation
B.    To alert her manager that she has sent the proposal via e-mail so her manager can view the proposal
as soon as possible
C.    To provide a detailed outline of the proposal so that her manager can refer to it as he travels
D.    To send the proposal as an attachment to the text message

Answer: B

Which security issue is most closely associated with wireless networks?

A.    Spoofing
B.    War driving
C.    Eavesdropping
D.    Man-in-the-middle

Answer: B

Proprietary information for your company’s online business was released to a competitor. Which of the following preventative measures should your company take to ensure that its proprietary information is protected in the future?

A.    Restrict Internet access.
B.    Uninstall any e-mail clients.
C.    Monitor employees’ messages.
D.    Destroy all proprietary information.

Answer: C

When developing Web pages, it is important to test the pages with:

A.    current versions of multiple browsers.
B.    current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.
C.    current and older versions of multiple browsers.
D.    current and older versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Answer: C

Paul has just finished a very important sales meeting with a potential customer and he needs to update his supervisor at the corporate office, which is located in another country. Paul is debating whether to text or e-mail his supervisor about the meeting details. Which of the following would be the best practice for communicating with his supervisor?

A.    Send a brief text message to say the meeting has finished, because Paul knows his supervisor does
not read e-mail.
B.    Send several text messages in order to convey all the details of the meeting most quickly.
C.    Send a brief text message update now, and then send the meeting details in an e-mail message later.
D.    Post the details of the meeting on his favorite social media platform, where his supervisor is one of his followers.

Answer: C

Carlos is the Information Technology (iT) administrator for a small company. Over the past year, employees have been using their personal mobile devices and smart phones for business use. This has reduced costs of purchasing new devices for employees. Carlos is now considering whether he should stop supplying employees with company phones and instead require all employees to use their personal smart phones for work. How can Carlos address the most significant security vu inerrability?

A.    Develop a robust app to push security updates out to the various mobile OS devices
B.    Create an employee policy that requires employees to keep phones updated to the latest technology
C.    Create a policy that specifies acceptable use, ensuring security measures are in place for mobile devices
D.    Mandate that employees switch to the company’s mobile service provider to ensure security policies
are enforced

Answer: C

Your company is investigating the possibility of moving its customer service management system to a cloud service provider. The sales rep for the cloud service provider has presented many advantages that would benefit your company. What would be a potential drawback of moving the CRM from your current in-house solution?

A.    If your company’s Internet service is interrupted for any reason at any time, you will not have access
to the CRM.
B.    More company employees will have access to the system, which could result in unauthorized access
to confidential data
C.    Special equipment will need to be purchased and maintained in your office in order to access and maintain
the CRM once it is migrated to the hosted cloud service.
D.    Migrating the CRM to the cloud service provider will eliminate several jobs in your customer service department
because their job roles will no longer be required.

Answer: A

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