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To define a circle-shaped hotspot for an image map, which of the following code fragments would you use?






Answer: D

When the user clicks the Submit Query button on a form, the browser sends the information entered in the form to the Web server as a raw text string. The basic element of a raw text string is a name=value pair. A CGI script parses and formats the raw text string into a human-readable format. Which attribute of the form field elements organizes information input by the user into name=value pairs?

A.    Type
B.    Name
C.    Value
D.    Input

Answer: B

A paradigm shift has occurred in the way that small businesses use software applications. Companies increasingly choose hosted solutions with a monthly subscription fee and outsourced system maintenance, instead of purchasing software and hardware that must be maintained by internal resources.
This business model is commonly referred to as:

A.    Scalability.
B.    Grid computing.
C.    Crowd sourcing.
D.    Software as a Service.

Answer: D

SuperBank is considering a cloud service from Local Data Center, Inc., to support the bank’s expanding needs. SuperBank’s managers are concerned about security. What can SuperBank request to protect its data from security threats?

A.    For Local Data Center to run multiple hypervisors
B.    For Local Data Center to install a DDoS mitigation system
C.    For SuperBank staff to manage the servers at Local Data Center, Inc.
D.    For SuperBank to perform background checks on the staff at Local Data Center, Inc.

Answer: D

Which organization is responsible for managing domain names so that each one is unique, and (once registered) cannot be used by an unauthorized individual or organization?

B.    W3C
C.    IEFT
D.    RFC

Answer: A

A friend just sent you a link to a Facebook page with information that you find very useful. You want to be able to recall the site in the future from your desktop computer, or from your mobile device while away from your desk. Which is the best approach?

A.    Memorize the URL so you can pull up the site in any browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
B.    Add the link to a cloud-based bookmark service such as Delicious or Google Bookmarks.
C.    Manually enter the Web address into any and all browsers on all of your devices.
D.    Pull up the message with the link any time you want to view the site.

Answer: B

Roberto’s company is releasing updates to a specific product. He needs to educate the company’s sales managers, who are located in various international locations, about the new product updates. Which of the following methods would be the most economical and efficient solution for Roberto to discuss the required information with the sales managers synchronously?

A.    Send the product update blueprints via e-mail to each of the sales managers and ask them to contact
him with any questions.
B.    Schedule an in-person sales meeting with them at the company headquarters so that the updates can
be demonstrated and any questions answered with the entire group present.
C.    Schedule a Webinar with the sales managers so that the updates can be demonstrated and any
questions answered with the entire group.
D.    Post the product update blueprints on the company’s Web site and call each sales manager personally
to discuss their individual questions or concerns offline.

Answer: C

Aisha is coding a Web site using a GUI HTML editor. She wants to quickly check her code for errors and compliance with HTML standards as she works. How can she best accomplish this?

A.    Render and validate the code using
B.    Render the code with a browser to see if it looks correct.
C.    Validate the code using
D.    Validate the code using the GUI Validator.

Answer: D

When previewing a Web page using a GUI HTML editor, you will:

A.    be limited to the default browser on your computer or device.
B.    be limited to the browsers installed on your computer or device.
C.    receive an error because GUI editors cannot preview pages in a browser.
D.    be limited to two browser choices that are installed on your computer or device.

Answer: B

ABC Company develops its Own database applications. ABC is considering migrating to cloud services to accommodate the company’s growth. What strategy should ABC use to ensure continuous data protection if it begins using cloud services?

A.    Cloud-only solution
B.    Regional systems solution
C.    Location systems solution
D.    Multiple cloud-service providers

Answer: C

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