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What is the biggest security concern with wireless networks?

A.    Firewall software is not available for access points.
B.    Wireless encryption algorithms must be implemented.
C.    Wireless networks do not support intrusion detection.
D.    Wireless networks do not support encryption via an access point.

Answer: B

You opened an e-mail attachment and it launches a virus. The virus takes control of your system and you are unable to run your anti-virus software. Which of the following is the best step for you to take next?

A.    Let the virus run its course.
B.    Call your local authorities to report an identity theft.
C.    Turn off your computer and reboot from a known, clean system disk.
D.    Plug in your backup drive to try to initiate an immediate backup of important files.

Answer: C

Which Web-based validation tool is used to validate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?


Answer: D

Which choice lists the required elements for HTTP to function?

A.    Server, HTML and DNS
B.    Client, server and TCP/IP
C.    Browser, HTML and TCP/IP
D.    Client, Web page and DNS

Answer: B

When using secure authentication, which of the following are required?

A.    A user name only
B.    A user name and a password
C.    Neither user name nor a password
D.    A user name, a password and encryption of transmitted data

Answer: D

When comparing IPv4 to IPv6, which of the following is an advantage of the IPv6 network addressing scheme?

A.    Larger address space
B.    Shorter address space
C.    High dependence on network routers
D.    Fast and unencrypted network transmissions

Answer: A

You are a small-business owner and would like to encourage employees to bring their own devices (BYOD) to work. Which of the following can help reduce the security risks associated with a BYOD implementation?

A.    Expense accounts
B.    Acceptable use policy
C.    End user license agreement
D.    In-house device maintenance

Answer: B

Which of the following is a security threat commonly associated with cloud-based services?

A.    Malware
B.    Phishing
C.    Hypervisor vulnerabilities
D.    Operating system vulnerabilities

Answer: C

Security attacks can vary greatly. Which type of attack is characterized as an attempt to trick an individual into revealing confidential or private information?

A.    Trojan
B.    Spoofing
C.    Man in the middle
D.    Social engineering

Answer: D

Marsha has been hired by XYZ, Inc., to update the company Web site. Marsha discovers that the existing Web pages were structured using tables. Marsha needs to explain to XYZ why the Web site needs to be recoded in HTML5 with CSS controlling the structure of the document. What is the most important reason for using HTML5 and CSS?

A.    The updates will increase user traffic to the site.
B.    The updates will improve the overall look and feel of the Web site.
C.    The Web site can be interpreted by any HTML5-compliant browser, including mobile devices.
D.    The Web site will rank higher in many search engines results, as long as the search engine bot
recognizes the code.

Answer: C

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