Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass Avaya 3301 Practice Tests (31-40)

You are experiencing issues with voice treatments being played to callers. You believe there may I problem with the Avaya Media Server (Avaya MS).
Where would you go to find Avaya MS related errors?

A.    the Windows Application Event Log on the Avaya MS server
B.    the event logs located in D:\Avaya\Logs\MAS on the Avaya MS server
C.    the Alarm Viewer in the Avaya MS Server Utility on the Avaya MS server
D.    the Alarms page in the System Status section of the Avaya MS Element Manager

Answer: D

Which two Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) components are supported by the capacity Assessment Tool (CapTool)? (Choose two.)

A.    License Manager
B.    Security framework
C.    Contact Center Manager Administration
D.    Avaya Media Server
E.    Avaya Aura Agent Desktop

Answer: AC

What is the maximum recommended CPU utilization for SIP-based Contract Center manager Server (CCMS)?

A.    CPU utilization must not exceed an average of 25% over any 15-minute interval.
B.    CPU utilization must not exceed an average of 50% over any 15-minute interval.
C.    CPU utilization must not exceed an average of 70% over any 15-minute interval.
D.    CPU utilization must not exceed an average of 70% over any 30-minute interval.

Answer: B

While troubleshooting issues sending e-mail from a Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) server you encounter the following error in the tmailManager.log file: Could not find trusted certificate.
What is the cause of the error?

A.    The SMTP server requires SSI, but SSI is not configured on the CCMM server.
B.    A client-side SSI certificate is not installed on the CCMM server.
C.    An incorrect port has been specified for SMTP SSL communications in the EmailManager configuration.
D.    The certificate for the Certificate Authority (CA) used to sign the SMTP server’s SSL certificate needs
to be added to the EmailManager’s CA certificate list.

Answer: A

You are using the Communication Control Toolkit (CCT) Reference Client to troubleshoot issues with CCT in a SIP based environment. You have started up the Reference Client and connected using the Credentials of a domain account. The Available Desktop Devices list contains a single device, with red icon beside its associated address and status of "Acquisition Failure".
According to the information presented in the Reference Client, what is the status of the device?

A.    The address is not mapped to the domain account that you used to connect to CCT.
B.    The address has not been configured in CCT.
C.    CCT is unable to control the device via the VR87 protocol.
D.    The device is configured but has been put into Offline mode in CCT.

Answer: A

An administrator is attempting to modify an application within Contract Center manager Administration (CCMA) using the orchestration designer. When the administration launches the orchestration Designer the following error message error is displayed:
"Unable to contact CCMA server, verify that the server is fully configured and available. See the SCE log for more information."
What is one potential cause of this problem?

A.    All Orchestration Designer licenses have already been used by other administrator?
B.    The CCMA server has not been added to the list of Trusted Sites in the administrator’s Web browser.
C.    Data Execution Protection (DEP) is enabled for all programs and services on the CCMA server
D.    The password for the IUSR_SWC local account is set inconsistently for the CCMA application pools In
Internet Information Server (IIS) on the CCMA server.

Answer: D

A standalone Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) server was configured as a member of a workgroup prior to Installation of the CCMA software. After the installation was complete, the CCMA server was configured and tested; all Functions worked Directly. The site’s network administrator’s network administrator has added the CCMA server to a domain; users are now unable to log on to CCMA.
What is the overall cause of this problem and how should you correct it?

A.    Domain group policies are not allowing CCMA services to run with the IUSR_SWC local account
credentials. You must recreate the IUSR_SWC account as a domain account with local administrator
privileges, and configure all CCMA services to run with the credentials of the dom.
IUSR_SWC account.
B.    A CCMA server that is part of a workgroup cannot be joined to a domain after installation.
You must reinstall the CCMA software while the server is joined to the domain.
C.    Domain group policies are preventing the local IUSR_SWC account from accessing files and directories
required by CCMA. You must grant the appropriate permissions for those files and directories to the
local IUSR_SWC account.
D.    Domain group policies have removed the local IUSR_SWC account from the local Administrators group.
You must add the local IUSR_SWC account to the local Administrators group.

Answer: C

You are preparing to install Quick Fix Engineering (QH-) patches on the Avaya Media Server (Avaya MS). Although you are performing the work during a scheduled maintenance window, there are active calls the Avaya MS system. You wish to wait until all currently-active calls in the Avaya MS have completed before installing the QFE patches.
Which action must he perform to accomplish this?

A.    Put the Avaya MS in "Lock" mode.
B.    Put the Avaya MS in "Standby" mode.
C.    Put the Avaya MS in "Maintenance" mode.
D.    Put the Avaya MS in "Pending Lock" mode.

Answer: D

While troubleshooting a communication control (CCT) issue, Avaya support has requested an archive of all current CCT log files.
How would you make an archive of the log files to provide to support personnel?

A.    Create a ZIP archive of all files in D:\Avaya\Logs\CCT.
B.    The Archive Manager creates a newlog file archive every hour. the archive will be available configured
archive location when the Archive Manager completes the archive process.
C.    Run the log Archive utility on the CCT and click the "Schedule An hive" button on the tab. When the
schedule completes, the archive will be available in the configured archive lot
D.    Run the Log Archiver utility on the CCT server and click the "Archive AM Files Now" button on Settings
tab. The archive will be available in the configured archive location.

Answer: D

Which windows Event Viewer folder contains Communications Control Toolkit (CCT) audit, error, and security log files?

A.    Windows Event Viewer Logs\Applications
B.    Windows Event Viewer Logs\System
C.    Windows Event Viewer Logs\Security
D.    Windows Event Viewer \ Applications and Services

Answer: D

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