2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Avaya 3300 Dumps (31-40)

A customer with Avaya Aura Contact Center needs to create a new Contact Center Management supervisor in a SIP environment.
Which two fields on the supervisor Details page are mandatory? (Choose two.)

A.    Last Name
B.    Language
C.    Login ID
D.    Password
E.    Voice URI

Answer: AC
A customer with Avaya Aura Contact Center Orchestration Designer opens the Contact Router for the first time by right clicking the Master Script.
Which options are available?

A.    Open in text editor/Open In flow editor
B.    Open application/Edit application
C.    Open/Open in Flow Editor
D.    Open Edit/Open View

Answer: C
The supervisors of your contact center have asked for the ability to perform detailed reporting on why agents are in the NOT READY state.
Which feature in the Contact Center Manager Administration needs to be configured?

A.    Activity Codes
B.    Reason Codes
C.    Busy Codes
D.    Codes

Answer: A
Given the following namespace:
I en_us
I ad_hoc_messages
I music_on_hold
I out_of_hours
Into which content group would the prompts be uploaded to enable In-queue announcements to be played?

A.    en_us
B.    ad_hoc_messages
C.    music_on_hold
D.    out_of_hours

Answer: A
In an Avaya SIP Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) Installation, you are creating a new agent In Contacl Center Manager Administration (CCMA) with an extension number of 5555.
Which format must be used for entering the SIP URI when using a sip domain of "acmecorp.com"?

A.    5555@sip:acmecorp.com
B.    sip:[email protected]
C.    [email protected]
D.    acmecorp.com:sip@5555

Answer: B
A customer with Avaya Aura Contact Center has five calls waiting in queue for the Customer Service Skillset. An agent becomes available who can answer the calls.
Which call will be presented to the agent?

A.    The call that has been In queue the longest
B.    The call that has been In the system the longest
C.    The call with the highest priority in the script
D.    The call for which the agent has the highest priority

Answer: B
You are given the task of configuring Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) to send skillset calls back to the queue when they are delivered to an available agent but do not get answered by that agent.
Which AACC configuration option is used to accomplish this task?

A.    Threshold Classes
B.    Global Settings
C.    Call Presentation Classes
D.    Formulas

Answer: B
A customer with Avaya Aura Contact Center has created a script using the following intrinsic:
Which type of Intrinsic is being used?

A.    Call
B.    Skillset
C.    Time
D.    Traffic

Answer: A
A customer with Avaya Aura Contact Center needs to create a new Contact Center Supervisor who will also be an Administrative User.
Which field on the Supervisor Definition page must be completed to simultaneously create a supervisor and an Administrative User?

A.    User type
B.    Login ID
C.    Create CCT Agent
D.    CCMA Login Account Details

Answer: D
A customer with Avaya Aura Contact Center Is attempting to add a new activity code to the system but receives a system error stating that the maximum number of activity codes allowed has been exceeded.
Under which option within the Configuration component would the customer look, to determine the maximum number of allowed activity codes?

A.    Historical Statistics
B.    Real Time Statistics
C.    Threshold Classes
D.    Global Settings

Answer: A

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