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In Cisco IOS routers, which chipset is the PVDM2-32 DSP hardware based on?

A. C5441
B. C549
C. C5510
D. C5421
E. Broadcom 1500

Answer: C

Which two analog telephony signaling methods are most vulnerable to glare conditions? (Choose two.)

A. FXS Loop-start
B. FXO Ground-start
C. E&M Wink-start
D. E&M Delay-dial
E. E&M Immediate-start
F. E&M Feature Group D

Answer: AE
The loop start signaling method is more common and is typically used by residential phone lines.
When a voice port is configured with loop start signaling, the device (telephone) closes the circuit loop that signals the CO voice port to provide dial tone; an incoming call is signaled on the CO by supplying a predefined voltage on the line. The loop start signaling method has one main disadvantage in that it has no method of preventing both sides of the connection from attempting to seize the line at the same time; this condition is referred to as glare. Because of this, loop start signaling is typically not used on high demand circuits.
With immediate-start, the calling side of the connection seizes the line by going off hook on the Elead and address information is sent using dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) digits. Immediate start signaling is vulnerable to glare just like loop-start signaling.

Which digital modulation method is used to transmit caller ID information on analog FXS ports on Cisco IOS routers?

E. pulse dialing

Answer: C

How many signaling bits are there in each T1 time slot using channel associated signaling with Super Frame?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 8
E. 12

Answer: B

What is the maximum one-way delay, in milliseconds, between any two Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers in a non-Session Management Edition cluster over an IP WAN?

A. 20
B. 40
C. 80
D. 160
E. 250

Answer: B

Which design restriction applies to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition clustering over the WAN deployment with extended round-trip times in Cisco Unified CM 9.1 and later releases?

A. SIP and H.323 intercluster trunks are supported.
B. Only SIP trunk is supported.
C. SIP trunks and H.323 gateways are supported.
D. A minimum of 1.544 Mb/s bandwidth is required for all traffic between any two nodes in the cluster.
E. Only RSVP agents can be configured and registered to the SME cluster as media resources.

Answer: B

Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager deployment model for clustering over the IP WAN mandates a primary and a backup subscriber at the same site?

A. multisite with centralized call processing
B. multisite with distributed call processing
C. local failover
D. remote failover
E. remote failover with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express as SRST

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. All displayed devices are registered to the same Cisco Unified Communications Manager server and the phones are engaged in an active call. Assume that the provided configurations exist at the phone line level and multicast MOH is disabled cluster wide.
Which description of what will happen when the user of IP phone A presses the Hold soft key is true?

A. IP phone B receives audio source 2 from MOH server A.
B. IP phone B receives audio source 3 from MOH server A.
C. IP phone B receives audio source 2 from MOH server B.
D. IP phone B receives audio source 3 from MOH server B.
E. IP phone B receives audio source 1 from MOH server A.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. What is the maximum number of inbound calls to 2001 before a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express system returns user busy tone to any additional calls?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
E. 7

Answer: D

When calls are placed by certain Cisco Unified Communications Manager supplementary services, the Local Route Group feature will be bypassed. Which of these does not belong to the supplementary services?

A. Call Back
B. Call Forward
C. Message Waiting indicator
D. Mobility Follow Me
E. Path Replacement

Answer: B

Which statement about whisper intercom implementation on Cisco Unified Communications Manager is correct?

A. Only one-way audio exists from the calling to the called party.
B. The speaker volume on the called phone will be reduced automatically to avoid disturbance to
other users nearby.
C. The called party auto-answers the call in headset mode.
D. Only one-way audio exists from the called to the calling party.
E. Whisper Intercom is visual only, there is no audio.

Answer: A

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Which statement describes the call recording operation on Cisco Unified Contact Center Express call agents that use Cisco IPPA?

A.    Recording is facilitated via desktop monitoring on supported IP phones.
B.    Automatic recording is supported.
C.    Only G.711 codec is supported.
D.    Only SPAN port monitoring is supported.
E.    Call recording is not supported on Cisco Unified CCX call agents that use Cisco IPPA.

Answer: D
There is no mechanism created as of now to record the call so we first span and record it from packet capture or from third party software.

Which protocol that is used between Cisco IM and Presence and Cisco Unified Communications Manager is responsible for the exchange of phone state presence information?

D.    LDAP
E.    XMPP

Answer: C
Answer: C
To provide interoperability between communications systems, SIP is the protocol
leveraged. Enterprise Presence solutions need to provide for a uniform definition of the main communication services such as IM, voice, video, e-mail, web calendaring, and so on, while SIP delivers the necessary features.

Refer to the exhibit. In this high-availability Cisco IM and Presence deployment with three subclusters, the first user is assigned to server 1A; the second user is assigned to server 2A; and the third user is assigned to server 3A. Assume that the Cisco IM and Presence is set to Active/Standby mode, to which server should the fourth user be assigned?

A.    1A
B.    3B
C.    1B
D.    2A
E.    3A

Answer: A
This deployment model provides the same level of redundancy and high availability as outlined in the “Balanced Redundant High-Availability Deployment” section in this chapter.
The only difference is that users are not deployed in a balanced fashion, but rather all reside on the primary server in the subcluster, and the backup server is there as a standby option if a node failure occurs.

Which two enterprise presence domains can federate with Cisco IM and Presence by using SIP? (Choose two.)

A.    AOL
B.    Microsoft OCS
C.    IBM Sametime
D.    Cisco WebEx Connect
E.    Google Talk
F.    Cisco Unified Presence 8.X Releases

Answer: AB
Microsoft Lync and OCS support presence services with sip as well as AOL so to sip is easy to troubleshoot and feasible for signaling that’s why cisco federate these with sip.

Which statement describes the external database requirement for the Cisco IM and Presence permanent group chat feature?

A.    All nodes in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster can share a physical external database.
B.    All nodes in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster can share a logical external database.
C.    Each node in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster must have its own physical external database.
D.    Each node in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster must have its own logical external database.
E.    An external database is not mandatory.

Answer: D
When you configure an external database entry on IM and Presence, you assign the external database to a node, or nodes, in your cluster as follows:
For the Compliance feature, you require at least one external database per cluster. Depending on your deployment requirements, you can also configure a separate external database per node.
For the Permanent Group Chat feature, you require a unique external database per node. Configure and assign a unique external database for each node in your cluster.
If you deploy both the Permanent Group Chat and Compliance features on an IM and Presence node, you can assign the same external database to both features.

Which external database software is required for the Cisco IM and Presence compliance feature?

A.    MySQL
B.    EnterpriseDB
D.    SQLite
E.    PostgreSQL

Answer: E
http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cups/8_0/english/install_upgrade/databa se/guide/Preparing_database_setup.html#wp1053954

Which Cisco IM and Presence service is responsible for logging all IM traffic that passes through the IM and Presence server to an external database for IM compliance?

A.    Cisco Presence Engine
B.    Cisco Serviceability Reporter
C.    Cisco Sync Agent
D.    Cisco XCP Connection Manager
E.    Cisco XCP Message Archiver

Answer: E
The Cisco Unified Presence XCP Message Archiver service supports the IM Compliance feature. The IM Compliance feature logs all messages sent to and from the Cisco Unified Presence server, including point-to-point messages, and messages from adhoc (temporary) and permanent chat rooms for the Chat feature. Messages are logged to an external Cisco-supported database.

Which two statements about the Cisco UC on UCS specs-based virtualization support model are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It has a configuration-based approach.
B.    It has a rule-based approach.
C.    It has less hardware flexibility compared to the third-party server specs-based support model.
D.    It has less hardware flexibility compared to the UC on UCS TRC support model.
E.    VMware vCenter is optional with this support model.

Answer: BC
http://docwiki.cisco.com/wiki/UC_Virtualization_Supported_Hardware#UC_on_UCS_Teste d_Reference_Configurations

Which definition is included in a Cisco UC on UCS TRC?

A.    required RAID configuration, when the TRC uses direct-attached storage
B.    configuration of virtual-to-physical network interface mapping
C.    step-by-step procedures for hardware BIOS, firmware, drivers, and RAID setup
D.    configuration settings and patch recommendations for VMware software
E.    server model and local components (CPU, RAM, adapters, local storage) by name only; part numbers
are not included because they change over time

Answer: A
Definition of server model and local components (CPU, RAM, adapters, local storage) at the orderable part number level.
Required RAID configuration (e.g. RAID5, RAID10, etc.) – including battery backup cache or SuperCap – when the TRC uses DAS storage Guidance on hardware installation and basic setup. Design, installation and configuration of external hardware is not included in TRC definition, such as:
Configuration settings, patch recommendations or step by step procedures for VMware software are not included in TRC definition.
Infrastructure solutions such as Vblock from Virtual Computing Environment may also be leveraged for configuration details not included in the TRC definition.

Which capability is support by LLDP-MED but not by Cisco Discovery Protocol?

A.    LAN speed discovery
B.    network policy discovery
C.    location identification discovery
D.    power discovery
E.    trust extension

Answer: A
LLDP-MED supports both LAN speed and duplex discovery. Cisco Discovery Protocol supports duplex discovery only, but this limited support is not seen as a problem because if there is a speed mismatch, LLDP-MED and Cisco Discovery Protocol cannot be exchanged and thus cannot be used to detect the mismatch.


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