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Exam Code: 1V0-603
Exam Name: Certification VMware Certified Associate 6 – Cloud Management and Automation Fundamentals
Certification Provider: VMware
Corresponding Certification: VCA6-CMA

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1V0-603 Exam Dumps 60q Full Version Instant Download:

An administrator is designing a multi-tier application, where one virtual machine will be located in the private cloud and the other in VMware’s vcloud air environment. Which feature will allow the administrator to address the variable latency and limited bandwidth concerns of routing traffic across the Internet?

A.    Dedicated Cloud
B.    Backend as a Service
C.    Direct Connect
D.    Horizon Air

Answer: D

A company is considering deploying a Private Cloud using only physical infrastructure.
Which two are benefits of using a Software-Defined Data Center versus a physical Infrastructure?( Choose two.)

A.    Zero Upgrades
B.    No Cabling
C.    Faster Provisioning
D.    Elastic Scalability

Answer: AC

An administrator manages a multi-tier application that is comprised of web database and application servers. Which product would allow the administrator to move the web server to a public cloud while maintaining the same network settings and connectivity with the other two services?

A.    vRealize Operations
B.    vCloud Connector
C.    vFabiic Suite
D.    vCentei Server

Answer: B

An administrator wants to make sure that a cloud environment is performing as expected and is not exhibiting any serious problems.Which vRealize operations super Metric will help analyze workload anomalies and faults?

A.    Risk
B.    Status
C.    Performance
D.    Health

Answer: A

A company has experienced significant growth over the past year and needs a more streamlined method of deploying large numbers of virtual machines and virtual networks. Which two components can be implemented within the company’s virtual environment to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    vRealize Automation
B.    vCloud Air
C.    VMwate NSX
D.    vCenter Operations

Answer: CD

A manager isplanning for an upcoming transition to vrealize automation and wants to know if the existing vsphere5.5 infrastructure can be leveraged for the implementation.
What statement accurately answers this question?

A.    The existing vSphere infrastructure cannot be used as vRealize automation can only utilize vCloud director based resources.
B.    The existing vSphere infrastructure can be used, but a minimum of two vRealize Automation endpoints must be deployed.
C.    The existing vSphere infrastructure can be used but the vCenter Server must reinstalled.
D.    The existing vSphere infrastructure can be used to deploy vRealize Automation with no major changes.

Answer: C

A manager heard on a webinar that vRealize Operations has the ability to create custom groups in order to better align performance and management decisions with business goals. Which two options represent custom groups that can be created for the manager?( Choose two.)

A.    DRS / HA Cluster
B.    Application
C.    Line of business
D.    vCenter Datacenter

Answer: AB

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